Johnny Depp violently threatens Amber Heard in a courtroom recording

Married from 2016 to 2018, the ex-spouses accuse each other of defamation during this trial in Virginia, very popular and partly broadcast by American news.

On the fourth and final day of Johnny Depp’s cross-examination Monday in his libel suit against Amber Heard, jurors watched an audio recording of the franchise actor Pirates of the Caribbean he violently threatens his ex-wife in case their arguments escalate, as reported The Guardian.

“The next move, if I don’t leave … it will be a bloodbath, like on the island,” Johnny Depp said in the court tape.

“Shut up, big bunch”

A sign of the toxicity of their marriage, the 58-year-old actor had previously explained that he had made a habit, each on his own, of recording their quarrels. Among the audio recordings produced by Amber Heard’s attorneys, Johnny Depp can be heard yelling “shut up, great group” at her ex-partner after she told him to “put out the cigarettes on someone else”.

In other messages, this time written, sent in 2013 to his actor friend Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp also stated that he wanted to “burn Amber” and “kiss her burned corpse later, to (un) make sure she was dead.” When asked about the significance of this exchange, the actor downplayed the cruelty of these remarks by speaking of “misunderstanding”.

“It’s a reference to Monty Python,” he said in justification, noting that it was taken from a skit about how to burn witches and then drown them.

“It’s a movie we all saw when we were 10 – it’s just irreverent, abstract humor,” explained the Hollywood star.

Testimony of a hotelier

This eighth day of audience was also an opportunity to testify at the bar Ben King, the British butler employed by Disney to manage the house rented by the couple in Australia. He is the only witness to a marital dispute that would degenerate and lead to the loss of part of Johnny Depp’s finger.

During his speech, Ben King described a lot of damage to the property in the house following the fight, including broken bottles, alcohol spilled on the floor and blood on the walls. He also said he found the tip of Johnny Depp’s severed finger “directly under the bar”.

Johnny Depp previously claimed that his finger was severed after Amber Heard threw him a bottle of vodka. The actress ofAquaman she denied the allegations, vehemently claiming that her ex-husband had cut himself after using drugs for three days in a row.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had settled in this house while filming Pirates of the Caribbean. The owner said the couple had caused at least $ 50,000 (€ 46,800) in damage to their home.

By Carla Loridan with AFP

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