Johnny Depp pleading and on the brink: this game-changing twist mid-trial

A new recording unveiled in Fairfax on April 25 testifies to the deep anguish in which Johnny Depp faced Amber Heard in 2017.

New twist in the Depp-Heard trial. Since April 11, the ex-couple has been at the courthouse bar in Fairfax, Virginia. Implied by his ex-wife Amber felt who accuses him of domestic violence, Johnny Deppfired in London in 2020, he dragged the actress awayAquaman in court to challenge the latter’s right to present herself as an abused woman. In this new trial that airs online, twists and turns unfold, story against story, and the evidence is overwhelming for both sides.

Monday 25 April a new registrationcommented in particular by Daily mail, resurfaced. We hear Johnny Depp threaten to commit suicide, and turn to Amber Heard, obviously exhausted: “You took it all, you want my blood, take itAn altercation occurred when the actor went to ask, knife in hand, his ex-wife to drop his charges, after he filed for divorce in 2017. On the tape, Amber Heard is heard pleading: “Please, don’t cut your skin. Do not do it.The 37-year-old also appears in a phone call made between her and the star Pirates of the Caribbeanwhere he tries to dissuade the latter from pretending to have been mistreated: “Tell people it was a proportionate fight and see what they think. Tell the world, “I, Johnny Depp, a man, am a victim of domestic violence” and see how many people believe you and are on your side.“.

Johnny Depp: “I was pretty confused”

The actor commented on the broadcast of this meeting for the less stormy. He says he was on the verge of his wits, desperate for not being able to reason with Amber Heard: “I was quite confused that I was called to his house at the time as all the news was about the fact that I had supposedly done all those horrible things […] I met her in the hope that she would recover her lies that the world was now fed. She was by no means ready to do it …“he said. The actor said he was very impressed by the testimonies of Amber Heard in the press, which he interpreted as”a blow to the back of the head.“The process is underway.

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