Jean-Pierre Pernaut: This rumor about his funeral growing and poisoning

Jean-Pierre Pernaut died on 2 March. Since the death of the former TF1 news host at 1pm, a small town in Picardy has lost its tranquility. Closer explains why.

Jean Pierre Pernaut died on March 2 after fighting against lung cancer. She was 71 years old. The announcement of his death was a shock for the television world, but also for the millions of viewers who followed the TF1 1pm news every day. And there are still many of them today who want gather at the grave of Nathalie Marquay’s husband. Rumors say he’s buried with his family, in the municipal cemetery of Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle. A town of less than 900 inhabitants located in the Somme.

And for a few weeks, the tranquility of this small town is upset by the many fans of the journalist. To the point that the municipality has decided to speak on their Facebook account. The town hall secretariat would be “saturated” calls And “impromptu visits of onlookers” come to disturb the tranquility of the cemetery, he regrets the town hall. “When I say that Jean-Pierre Pernaut is not buried in our city, I am suspected of hiding the truth. They think it’s a secret, they don’t believe me!”annoys Georgia Gaudry, the town hall secretary on the site In its post on Facebook, the municipality specifies that, despite what some media say, “our friend is not buried in our city, only the burial of his parents and grandparents rests there”.

First public appearance of Nathalie Marquay, the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, from the funeral of the journalist

Jean-Pierre Pernaut remained behind four childrenJulia and Olivier born from his first marriage to Dominique Bonnet, as well as Lou and Tom, from the union with the former Miss France, Nathalie Marquay, whose life he had shared since 2001. Devastated by the death of her husband, the columnist of Don’t touch my TV try to slowly go up the slope. She made it first public appearance from the journalist’s funeral this Friday, April 22, to the Paris Book Festival.

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