“I know why my body is like this”: Anggun’s very unexpected secrets about her age

At the dawn of its 48 years, Anggun is doing well in the body and head. In the columns of Noi Due, Tuesday 26 April 2022, he revealed some secrets about the passage of time and his relationship with aging. Revelations to the contrary.

Anggun confided as he very rarely does in the columns of Both of themTuesday, April 26, 2022. Between the education she gives to her daughter and her participation Singer in mask, he also talked about his vision of the passage of time. As he prepares to celebrate her 48th birthday, she explained that due to her Asian culture than hers, she has a different perspective on how to grow old. “I try to age with elegance and grace. In this world where there is excessive youth, you must be proud of your age, your experiences, your memory, what you can“, she declared at first. Many women and mothers would dream of having her body and she is aware of it.”I am very fortunate to have a genetic heritage and a healthy quality of life that allows me to age well. “

According to the singer, aging well is much more important than wanting to stay young at all costs. She today she is not ashamed to seduce and show her seductive side of her, even after the age of 40. “I don’t care staying in my 20s, I was stupid at 20. I didn’t even like my body. Finally, today, I know why my body is like this. My stretch marks are also witnesses of my existence“he said again.

Anggun assumes his age and body

Unconventional confidences that will undoubtedly be good for women who have had a hard time accepting themselves with the passage of time and the changing body. “At 40, 50, women are free. We are the stronger sex!“, She still launched Anggun proud of her age.

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