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Check out the detailed recap of Here It All Starts Early Season 2 with episode 390 airing Monday, May 2, 2022 on TF1. Daniel and Claire compromise so that Hortense gets treatment. The prom fails, it’s the blow to Jasmine.

The complete recap of the ITC soap opera of the episode of 05/02/2022 with a preview of #HereEverythingBegins spoilers, everything you need to know.

Hortense here it all begins

Hortense can count on her friends

Find the full summary ofHere begins the whole episode 390 airing on TF1 Monday 2 May 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Here it all begins ): the summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 04/29/2022 is online.

Hortense has come to sleep at the institute with Mehdi. When he wakes up, Mehdi asks Hortense if he disgusts her because he is fat.
Hortense tells Mehdi that she finds him tall, strong and super sexy.

Teyssier introduces the students to his latest dessert, the clement hazelnut which is a hazelnut praline tart with citrus fruits. A super technical recipe. Anaïs and Salomé don’t concentrate, she thinks about the prom and the errands to run. Ambre and Célia listen to music.

Teyssier rallies the students by saying that this dessert is sure to be part of the end-of-year exam.

Salome here it all begins

Salome encourages Axel to talk to Jasmine

Enzo tells Tom that he caught Hortense in bed with Mehdi. Tom thinks he is posing as a victim. Claire decides to make a clarification. She even admits to the students that she was a victim of bulimia. Enzo comes to apologize to Claire for talking about Hortense in this way (Tom doesn’t apologize).

Mehdi here it all starts

Hortense and Mehdi together again

Axel asks Salomé for her help in making a recipe. Salome tells her that he annoys her with respect to Jasmine. You think you have a monopoly on him. Axel tells Salome that he has no feelings for Jasmine … she is just a friend. Salomé says that Jasmine has completely fallen in love with him. Axel needs to talk to Jasmine.

Célia and Ambre are rehearsing for the dance: Greg, Eliott and Théo are also present. The good atmosphere is in order. Theo tells Eliott that his priority in clothing is comfort. Isabelle Gaissac suggests going to see the penthouse… there are a lot of vintage outfits!

Theo here it all starts

Théo discovers connections with Eliott

Tom tells Hortense that he should never have sent her videos during Clotilde’s class. Tom admits he didn’t spare him. Hortense says that at least everyone knows about her problem, she no longer needs to hide.

Claire ITC

Claire and Daniel team up to help Hortense

Daniel and Claire return to talk to Hortense about the eating disorder clinic. Hortense doesn’t believe in this miraculous solution. Daniel thinks there is a real cure … and this support will help him. Claire will stay in the clinic for 6 months. Hortense doesn’t want to miss her end-of-year exams, her summer internship … she doesn’t want to put her life on hold. Daniel Rochemont asks his daughter to think about it.

Here it all begins in advance episode 390 of 2 May 2022: Hortense has decided to get by

Hortense is making a live broadcast that all students have access to: she explains that she has dark thoughts. Everything she said in the videos, she didn’t mean it. Hortense has decided to take care of her, the students are there … they promise Hortense to do everything to help her.

Hortense here it all begins

Hortense has a real family at the institute

Axel tries to talk to Jasmine: he tells her that he should have been clearer with her from the start. Jasmine gets a call right now.

Hortense has thought about it, she doesn’t want to go to the clinic: she wants to be close to her friends and Mehdi. Daniel offers a compromise, suggests seeing a doctor outside the clinic. Claire offers to be there if needed. Hortense agrees to receive help in this way. Hortense promises that she will do anything to get better.

Jasmine summoned the students to the outdoor amphitheater. She announces that there is water damage in their town hall. As a result, the ball is canceled.

Highlights Here it all starts from Monday 2 May 2022: what to remember

Greg here it all starts

Vintage dress for Greg

– Jasmine announces to the students that the prom is canceled
– Tom gives his mea culpa to Hortense
– Hortense agrees to seek treatment but not in the clinic
– Teyssier puts pressure on students with his new dessert
– Axel tries to talk to Jasmine but it’s not the right time
– Isabelle Gaissac helped Celia’s friends find a prom dress

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