Here is the new jury of “MasterChef”, which arrives on France 2 after seven years of absence

New channel, new presenter and new jury. “Master Chef” changes menu after seven years of absence from the small screen. The amateur cooking contest, launched in 2010 on TF 1, had disappeared from television after five seasons. France 2 has decided to invent a new recipe, with a renewed jury. Among the new faces of the exhibition, the icon of innovative cuisine, Thierry Marx, crowned with 2 stars. He will be alongside a regular of “MasterChef”, Yves Camdeborde, pope of bistronomy and historical figure of the show for four seasons.

Latest juror: Georgiana Viou, finalist of the first season of “MasterChef” in 2010, will complete this trio of referees with delicate taste buds. You opened your first restaurant, Chez Georgiana, in Marseille in 2014. The chef wrote two cookbooks and in 2021 took over the reins of the Rouge bar-restaurant in Nîmes, which is one of the favorites in the Michelin guide.

On TF 1, “MasterChef” had seen chefs like Christian Etchebest, Gilles Goujon, Amandine Chaignot, Frédéric Anton or even food critic Sébastien Demoranddied in 2020.

Agathe Lecaron succeeds Sandrine Quétier

On France 2, Agathe Lecaron (“La Maison des Maternelles”) will orchestrate this sixth season, thus succeeding her colleague on the front page, Sandrine Quétier. “MasterChef” had left TF 1 at the beginning of the fifth season.

After two episodes with a catastrophic audience, the channel had deprogrammed him and relegated him to NT 1. France 2 now takes over again, full of hope. It must be said that the show, conceived by the BBC, is a culinary blockbuster all over the world. It is available today in 65 countries and attracts one billion viewers.

“We will emphasize amateurs whose cuisine is made up of passion, conviviality and sharing, announces Nicolas Daniel, director of magazines for France Télévisions. This cuisine will tell the story of our families, our regions, our diversity. The program will promote economical, balanced and environmentally friendly cuisine. The quality of the dish must take into account the purchasing power of the French and the preservation of the planet. Sacred challenge.

Three weeks of shooting are scheduled to start this week, in a studio in Plaine-Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). No release date has been revealed yet.

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