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Check out a preview of the detailed summary of Plus belle la vie episode 4529 on Thursday 28 April 2022 broadcast on France 3. Kevin is depressed but Emilie changes her mind. Romain ends the rumor about alcoholism, talks about his illness. Ariane saves Martial.

Read a preview of the complete recap of PBLV season 18 episode 4529 of 28/04/2022 with all the photos of the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Boher more beautiful life

Boher and the teams save Martial’s life

find it full summary of Most Beautiful Life of Thursday, April 28, 2022 episode 4529 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the summary of the previous episode PBLV 04/27/2022 is online.

Ariane wakes up with Mathieu, discovers that he has protected himself during a shooting to save the life of a colleague. Ariane asks Boher to start an operation in Jacob’s old house. Martial is found, undead but very weak.

Emilie made a detox juice for Romain … complicated for him to swallow vegetables early in the morning. She makes him do push-ups. Emilie wants her to replace alcohol with sport.

Gabriel slept on the sofa, collided with Thomas. Lola and Kylian try to argue with Gabriel, to find out how he will find evidence against Anthony.
Kylian and Lola would like Gabriel to resume his work and get back together with Thomas. Gabriel calls them “parasites”.

Gabriel more beautiful life

Gabriel has evidence against Anthony / PBLV early in episode 4529 of 04/28/2022

Gabriel asks Cédric for his help in trapping Anthony. Cedric ends up accepting, manages to keep Anthony busy … meanwhile Gabriel rummages in his car. Anthony’s PC is in the car, he finds the password to enter it and saves important files on a USB stick. Gabriel meets Léa when she gets out of the car, he tells her it’s a stretcher-bearer who trapped him.

Ariane tells Mathieu that she thinks she knows where Martial is.

Kevin better life

Kevin wants to talk to Emilie about his feelings, but she avoids the subject

Silvia is in Vidal’s office: she checks that there are no bottles of alcohol in the wardrobes.

Laetitia finds Kevin at home: he is anxious and thoughtful. Laetitia offers Kevin to take the boat to Frioul to relax. Emilie arrives, Kevin offers her to get some fresh air to clear her mind. Laetitia thanks Emilie for taking care of Kevin.

Kylian more beautiful life

Kylian and Lola don’t want to end up on the street, so they’re worried that Riva won’t get her job as a doctor back.

Kevin and Emilie are by the sea: Kevin is ready to open his heart to Emilie but she pretends to have to babysit Aurore, the daughter of Léa.

More beautiful life in advance episode 4529 of April 28, 2022: what to remember

Fanny visits Vidal at the office … asks him when his alcohol addiction happened. Fanny feels guilty for not having seen anything.

Gabriel studies the copied files with Cédric, Thomas and Céline. The falsified operating protocol and its original were found. Thomas apologizes for doubting Gabriel.

Kevin better life

Kevin is depressed, Laetitia tries to make him think of something else

Romain summons the roommate in the evening: he tells the roommates that he is not an alcoholic but is an incurable and degenerative orphan disease. Romain explains that he is doomed, he doesn’t know how much time he has left. It’s the shock for the roommate. Fanny cries, she is very moved.

The highlights of Plus belle la vie on 28 April 2022: what to remember

The most beautiful life

Léa has doubts before she sees the evidence … that Gabriel didn’t make a medical error

– Gabriel found the evidence, he’s innocent enough
– Romain Vidal reveals his illness to his roommates
– Ariane has an intuition that allows her to save Martial
– Emilie tries to change Kevin’s ideas but avoids the “love” discussion.

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