during a face to face, Delphine Wespiser describes Matthieu Delormeau as “poison” and shocks internet users

In an organized face-to-face;  on the TPMP set, Delphine Wespiser was very violent towards Matthieu Delormeau.  (Screen C8)

In a face-to-face staged on the set of TPMP, Delphine Wespiser was very violent towards Matthieu Delormeau. (Screen C8)

This Wednesday, April 27, Cyril Hanouna and TPMP columnists wanted to return to a controversy surrounding Delphine Wespiser. On April 13, in the midst of the presidential election, the former Miss France and C8 program columnist publicly expressed her disappointment at Emmanuel Macron’s past tenure and felt that Marine Le Pen “has changed a lot”. Following these remarks, the columnist was temporarily ousted from the TPMP and Matthieu Delormeau explained that the young lady no longer had her place at “Fort Boyard” where she occupies the role of Blanche and Rouge. Back on set tonight, Delphine Wespiser violently assaulted the show’s editorialist.

Those two there they will hardly go on vacation together. This Wednesday, April 27, at the end of the show, Cyril Hanouna and the team of TPMP I wanted to go back on a big controversy about one of the program’s leading columnists: Delphine Wespiser. Right between the two rounds of the presidential elections, on April 13, the former Miss France very openly expressed her disappointment with the first term of Emmanuel Macron, for which she had nevertheless voted in 2017. She then explained that she wanted to see “a woman President of the Republic, mother of the French, who unites and protects, with the sensitivity of a woman “, echoes Marine Le Pen. Following this intervention, the Alsatian lady was subjected to strong criticism and insults, especially on social networks. Despite several explanations, the editorialist was temporarily removed from “Touche pas à mon poste!” since he was subtracted from the speaking time of the candidate of the National Gathering. Cyril Hanouna later revealed that the young woman has received “pressure from some of her employers”.

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“He has nothing more to do on set!”

Last Friday, on the same set, Matthieu Delormeau did not support the former beauty queen… quite the opposite. The columnist, shocked by the words of his colleague, believed that the young woman no longer had her place in “Fort Boyard”, a game “for children” according to him and also risked a risky comparison with Dieudonné. This Wednesday evening, the former Miss returned to the TPMP set to explain to Matthieu Delormeau. And the least we can say is that the young woman did not mince words: “Matthew is the poison embodied. I think he must see a real malaise in him to spread so much hatred around him”. Visibly very disappointed by Matthieu Delormeau’s behavior towards her, the one who plays Blanche et Rouge in “Fort Boyard” expressed her misunderstanding with great vehemence: “There is only one person here who can say that Matthew has no poison with self?” she asked, surveying the TPMP audience. “I don’t know what to tell you, I’m sorry for you. (…) You love money and you love yourself, you don’t love anyone so I wonder what happened to you. (…) I contacted lawyers. I can file a complaint against you. you for defamation and public insults “, he continues. Wounded, the columnist then launched: “Do anything for the buzz, he’d be ready to sell his father and mother for the buzz!” This comment was too much for Matthieu Delormeau: “Well, we stop here. (…) It’s grotesque. Insult my mother who is no more (…) I thought there would be some in-depth debate. We stop here “.

While many Internet users continue to support the former Miss France, others, very many this evening, were very shocked by the comments of the columnist against Matthieu Delormeau.

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