Claire drugged by Hélène again and Gaëlle kisses Alex (Recap before episode 883)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” premiered with the complete and detailed summary of episode 883 on Thursday 5 May 2022In your daily streak, Kira isn’t shy about saying what she thinks. Claire is less and less easily influenced. For her part, Alex is going through an emotional roller coaster.


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The detailed account of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil it is also online.


Un Si Grand Soleil: An early summary of episode 883 on Thursday 5 May 2022

Mathieu observes Gaëlle in his sleep. He likes to watch her sleep, because she doesn’t move as if she’s dead. Gaëlle wakes up with a start and sleep leaves him alone. The next day, Alex again dives into the satellite imagery to try to find the counterfeiters’ hideout. Exhausted, he falls asleep, but Clement wakes him up. A warehouse has just been sighted that matches Gaëlle’s indications. They go there. Special team Faïza gives Gaëlle an hour to show up otherwise they’ll launch the assault, much to the chagrin of Alex who is afraid for the life of his ex-girlfriend. For her part, Gaëlle hunts for information and skillfully interrogates Pauline. This explains to him that she remains to number the banknotes then confirms the name of the buyer of all this counterfeit currency. He is a certain Manotti.

Gaëlle suggests taking Elvira the dog for a walk and pretends she needs a breath of fresh air. During her walk, she sees Alex’s surveillance truck and joins him. Relieved, they both hug. But Faïza orders the operation to be maintained, because the buyer is in the sights of the special brigade. If Gaëlle interrupts the infiltration and the sale is not carried out, it is a direct return to the prison box without development. While Elvira barks and arouses the suspicions of Mathieu and his accomplices, Gaëlle begins to panic. Alex tries to reassure her and assures her that he won’t let her go now that she knows where she is. He assures her that she will get there. Gaëlle kisses her and Alex doesn’t push her away ..


Helen loses her balance

Florent is a little lost and confides in Kira. He doesn’t understand why Claire isn’t responding to her messages or calling him back. Kira does not hesitate to tell Florent his way of thinking and encourages him to move to go get him. But Florent assures him that he is handling the situation. Meanwhile, Elise calls Claire to inform her that Franck Damin denies having posted the photos of Senso. Besides, he seemed sincere. Elise needs more proof, because right now it’s her word against Claire’s.

He goes to Paul’s bedside who didn’t realize he was becoming addicted to painkillers. But the nurse hastily interrupts their conversation, because Florent continues to want to join her. Claire ends up responding. Florent invites him for a coffee at the straw hut. He admits he was stupid and would like Claire to give him a chance to apologize. Claire agrees and gives him an appointment at the end of the afternoon. Claire then crosses paths with Janet. She nods her head to greet her, but they don’t talk about her.

After her last patient, Claire finds Florent in Les Sauvages. Florent makes her his mea culpa and asks her forgiveness for not having been by her side. Claire admits to her side that she made a mistake by not telling her what happened to Sense. At that moment, she felt dirty and guilty. Florent assures her that she is not guilty of anything. The two lovers reconcile. Claire wants to collect her things from Hélène and then meet Florent for dinner. But Hélène tries in vain to convince her that she is wrong. Claire has become less impressionable. So Hélène has an idea to keep her friend under her control. She offers him a drink to celebrate their reconciliation. Hélène pours a few drops of sleeping pills into Claire’s glass as her friend turns away.

Meanwhile, Florent waits for Claire and time passes. While Claire falls asleep on the sofa, Hélène talks to her as if she were awake. She set the table for dinner and even made a shepherd’s pie. Hélène can’t wait to spend a last night with girls, convinced that Claire was sad to have to leave after all.

Un Si Grand Soleil: summary and spoilers in sight

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