Better life, soon over? Laurent Kérusoré balances everything, before deleting …

For months the information sometimes contradictory are connected More beautiful life. But a few hours ago, Laurent Kérusoré unveiled a very significant video before quickly deleting it. The actor seems to confirm the imminent definitive conclusion of the France 3 series. Don’t worry, the editorial staff of Objeko will tell you everything on the subject. You are ready ?

The end of More beautiful life ?

Last February, our colleagues from Figaro took everyone by surprise. In fact, the newspaper revealed More beautiful life, would not be renewed for an 18th season. It must be said that after more than ten years on France Télévisions, the audience of the series began to erode and gradually weaken. According to some people, a disaffection to put on, thanks to competitors like tomorrow belongs to us And Here it all begins on TF1.

If the manufacturers first took the weather to qualify the observations, a meal was held on Monday 4 April which brought together Vincent Meslet, the general manager of Newen France and the actors of PBLV. During this famous meeting, the producer ended up unveiling what all fans fear from the shocking revelation of Figaro. In effectyou can see the end of the series In short : “We are working on the hypothesis of a closure by the end of the year. Discussions continue at all levels.

Laurent Kérusoré balances on the end of the series

Laurent Kérusoré has been playing the role of Thomas Marci in Plus belle la vie for many years. Unfortunately, in a few weeks, everything will stop. Either way, this is what she insinuated in a recent video: “Pleases the series ends, because it is a secret of Pulcinella, I hope we will always see each other again. We will always see each other on social networks. Otherwise I’ll feel a little lonely. “

This 12-second video didn’t last long on social media. In fact, it was quickly removed. For good reason, the permanent termination of More beautiful life it has not yet been formalized and would not be fully registered. In fact the management of France The television did not want to announce anything before the elections presidential. One thing is certain, the publication had its small effect. Many Internet users have reacted.

A farewell tour for Laurent Kérusoré?

It is likely that fans of More beautiful life must say goodbye to the characters of the series. Meanwhile, bonus exceptional events are already planned for the summer season. Among these, we will find a new prime time in the name of nostalgia. Entitled meeting, will allow you to find faces known to fans of the series. In particular Rudy, Johanna, Ninon, Sybille or even Amandine will be present. Can’t you wait? We too.

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