Axel (married at first sight) confides in his health problems that prevent him from making “intense efforts”

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Axel (Married at First Sight Season 6), a lover of hiking in the mountains, talked about his heavy operation following a serious health problem.

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Monday 25 April Axel, discovered on the romantic show Married at first sight, confided in his health problems. He is sharing a photo carousel, accompanied by a long text, that the young man surrendered with an open heart. By participating in the romance program, the candidate described himself as insatiably curious. There are many passions of the young man, but it is to be believed that sport occupies a very special place. Handball, cycling, hiking marked his daily life, until he was diagnosed with a “iliac endofibrosis“.

I could no longer make intense efforts

Through his post on Instagram, Axel went over point by point his many sporting adventures. After a promising future in handball, he gradually turned to cycling, which he was passionate about. Finding “its mountainsin March 2019 he said:I was attracted to the long hikes, the walks at the beginning. I left the bike little by little, but above all it felt a pain.And he continued:I could no longer make intense efforts. After twelve months of difficulty, I was diagnosed with iliac endofibrosis.“This infrequent pathology particularly affects high-level cyclists. A crushing blow for the young man, who is forced to”passes the billiards“if he wants to return to high-speed cycling.

I refused the surgery

How we learn Axel, his operation was to take place in April 2022. Only the latter did not want to submit to it, even at the cost of giving up his passion for cycling forever. Undaunted, he recovered and discovered his ability to be “multipotential“, that is “be interested in everything, intensely, thoroughly and then move on.“By sharing this story with his followers, the candidate convey a positive message, supporting curiosity and surpassing yourself. And as he summed it up perfectly:My favorite line on this topic: I can’t grow old and tell myself I don’t have this and that in my life.. “

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"I refused the operation" : Axel (married at first sight) confides in his health problems that prevent him from doing so "strenuous efforts"

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