Audience: “Camping Paradise” small leader in front of France 2, “Secrets of history” still weak, Arte au million

For this first night of the week, TF1 took command of the crowd with a brand new “Camping paradise” hosted by Laurent Ournac. The two parts of this episode with Philippe Bas as a guest satisfied an average of 3.5 million people until 11:07 pm according to Médiamétrie, or an audience share of 17.8% over 4 years and over and 20.2% under fifty procurement officers (FRDA-50). The latest unreleased, aired on 6 December 2021, had convinced 4.30 million viewers (20.9% of 4+ and 21.1% of FRDA-50).

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Audience: What scores for the presidential evenings of the news channels?


Audience: What scores for the presidential evenings of the news channels?

“Murders in Heaven” down slightly, M6’s “Married” progress

France 2 follows with an evening dedicated to the Franco-British series “Murders in Paradise”, with an unreleased version of season 11 followed by a replay. These two episodes could count on an average of 3.28 million individuals and 16.1% of the public (6.5% on the FRDA-50), until 11:04 pm. Last week an average of 3.35 million watched this series (17.0% of 4+ and 6.4% of FRDA-50). The unedited one was followed by 4.07 million followers (18.4% of 4+ and 8.0% of FRDA-50) until 10:05 pm.

On M6, the singles of “Married at first sight” garnered an average of 2.74 million followers in front of the two parts on the air. The market share is 14.2% on the public aged 4 and up and 29.9% on the main commercial target, target on which the program is the general leader. The second part of the match, broadcast between 22:00 and 23:15, reached 32.3% of housewives. Last week, the docu-reality had galvanized an average of 2.44 million fans (12.9% on 4+ and 25.1% on FRDA-50).

France 3 is back with an unreleased “Secrets d’histoire”. The magazine presented by Stéphane Bern, this time interested in Jeanne de Belleville, federated 1.54 million individuals, for a market share of 7.4% (3.1% on the FRDA-50). This offering mobilized 1.22 million history buffs (6.0% of 4+ and 3.0% of FRDA-50) last week.

The “Star Wars” saga goes under one million on TMC

In the remainder of the prime-time offer, on Arte, the American film “I am an adventurer” with James Stewart garnered 1.16 million spectators, or a 5.4% share. And on TMC, the sequel to the “Star Wars” saga, with the broadcast of “Attack of the Clones” which brought together 936,000 young and old in front of television screens (5.8% of 4+ and 5.8% of FRDA-50). “The Phantom Menace” attracted 1.03 million fans last Monday (6.0% on 4+ and 6.5% on FRDA-50).

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