“Ass, ass, ass!” Léa Salamé goes live

This Tuesday, April 26, Léa Salamé was at the helm of the morning of France Inter. Shortly before returning to the antenna, the reporter let himself go live.

With a serious tone to the trigger, there is only one step … This Tuesday, April 26, Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand were at the controls of the morning of France Inter. After the political interview during which the reporter spent Yannick Jadot on the grid, the morning was about to end. Like every morning, Claude Askolovitch and Sonia Devillers close the show. The last with his media editorial and the first with its press review. During his column, Claude Askolovitch specifically mentioned the creation of a violin out of wood from migrant boats, the oil shortage or the fact that Romain Bardet saved Julian Alaphilippe during his fall, before concluding on a fact of zoology.

So I’ll tell you what I read on the Le Monde site – look, it’s exciting – there you have it, survival strategies male spiders who want to escape the appetite of their female partnerslarger in size and whose voracity is no exception because they need proteins for egg-laying“, he says. And to continue:”So the males organize themselves to fertilize without perishing. Some offer the female the bandaged prey to distract her. Others tie the predator’s legs with thread“.

Léa Salamé: “I have a bad mind”

But what surprised Claude Askolovitch the most was a technique “admirable identified by Chinese, Singaporean and Slovenian researchers. This is the one set up by the male Philoponella prominens “who bends his legs over his partner’s abdomen during penetration and stretches them, accomplished, like a catapult. Jump 80cm, 82cm in one second. For us it would be a jump of 530 m. Love gives wings, as does survival“, he concludes. A fact that did not fail to make Léa Salamé react.”Ass, ass, ass“, launched the companion of Raphaël Glucksmann, causing hilarity in the studio. After returning to his seriousness, Nicolas Demorand meanwhile stated that he was going”science”“. And the one who should leave this morning to reply with a smile:”I have a bad mind“.A sequence that at least had the merit of cutting us off from the disturbing news.

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