Anne-Sophie Lapix forced to apologize live after this huge mistake

One thing is for sure, Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​in the spotlight right now. First of all, she was ousted from the debate between the two rounds. Neither Emanuele Macron nor did Marine Le Pen want to deal with this journalist’s combativeness. Indeed, his strong character and his determination bothers more than a politician. Now, he is a dumpling from the chain that he is pointed out. Of course, we are only talking about her!

Anne-Sophie Lapix, in the viewfinder of all cameras!

During the election campaign, Anne-Sophie Lapix received the candidates and moderated the debates. And she gave them no respite. In fact, the reporter is considered quite hard on her guests. In any case, this Sunday, April 24, 2022, the time has come to vote for the second round. The polls have spoken. Many abstentions and majority for the outgoing president.

Emmanuel Macron wins the race and leaves for a second five-year term. This has not happened since the days of Jacques Chirac who served two terms in a row. Emmanuel Macron is re-elected with 58.5% of the votes, that is 18,779,641 votes against Marine Le Pen exhibiting 41.5% e 13,297,760 votes. Even if the results are like this, it cannot be denied that France is divided between three strong blocs: that of the Republic on the move, of the National Gathering and of insubordinate France. They have never been this close. Business to follow in the legislative elections, because there is in fact a third round. So don’t forget to vote!

Manuel Valls was mislabeled!

Anne-Sophie Lapix had already moderated the debate in the first round of the presidential elections. So, it made sense that she should be in charge of the debate for the second round. Thus, this Sunday 24 April, Anne-Sophie Lapix was at the helm of the special program dedicated to the presidential elections on the France 2 channel. She received politicians from various parties to comment on the results and talk about the future of France, in particular Manuel Valls.

The former prime minister, who remained in Barcelona for the entire five-year period, commented on Emmanuel Macron’s victory and the remarkable progress of the National Gathering. Following a gnocco committed by her channel, Anne-Sophie Lapix had to apologize to the French and especially to Manuel Valls. A question of party etiquette concerned …

Anne-Sophie Lapix apologizes to Manuel Valss

During the evening, Anne-Sophie Lapix was forced to apologize to the 59-year-old politician. Indeed, he had been associated with the Socialist Party, but that is a mistake. Manuel Valls left the party in 2017 and became city councilor in Barcelona. “Let us specify, and we apologize to our audience, I believe that the Socialist Party was written under the name of Manuel Valls. So you haven’t been a member of the Socialist Party for a while. the reporter said live. The principal concerned clarified the point with courtesy: “For five years …”We apologize for this mistake. “, Anne-Sophie Lapix insists that she won’t be spared if she doesn’t. In any case, Manuel Valls was by no means destabilized by this mistake made by the chain France 2 and continued his explanations.

Rachida Dati was present at the first round debate. The exchange with Anne-Sophie Lapix had been tense on the subject of the defeat of Valérie Pécresse. Did you still spark the second round debate?

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