Angèle has transformed: her unlikely hair looks speak up!

While her “Nonante cinq tour” began on April 20, Angèle remains in touch with her audience even when she leaves the stage. On her Instagram, the Belgian singer shares her moods, her disappointments but also her looks. What about her latest folly? A capillary metamorphosis that she has not finished talking about.

The tour ofAngela started on April 20 in Reims. And the audience of the Belgian pop queen is still struggling to recover a few days later. It must be said that for the ninety-five laps of her, interpreter of Rock your thing raised the bar, offering his fans an exceptional show. The 26-year-old singer has nothing to envy to her friend Dua Lipa, nor to her other international colleagues. And like them, Angèle knows how to surprise and raise the temperature on social media. After unveiling her sequined panties during the Chanel show, the Belgian artist appears this time metamorphosed on Instagram to the delight of his fans.

The star who has been squatting the top of Spotify for weeks with demons – in duet with Damso – posted a picture of her as a brunette with very short hair. A radical change? Angèle didn’t actually touch her pretty blonde hair, but she just went for a wig. And the result is perfect. Increasingly sexy, the brunette version of Angèle has won millions of subscribers. “even if it was just a wig, angel brown hair would look great“wrote one of her fans. Others compared her to many doubles: from Natalie Imbruglia to the fictional character of Mikasa in the SNK anime.

Is Angèle still single?

In terms of love life, Angèle is always very discreet. Separated from her partner Marie Papillon, who she was also having an affair with the dancer Léo Walk, according to the latest news she would still be single. It must be said that the interpreter of I love you Brussels she is very busy with her career for which she works tirelessly. She can also count on the valuable advice of her parents, who are also artists. Interviewed by the newspaper The Parisian during the promo, he specifically revealed the warning from his father, singer Marka. “My father, who makes music, even before I faced the second album told me that I would not have the same success as the first. It was a nice way of telling me it wasn’t the most important“, he did know. A solid family.

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