Alec Baldwin’s Deadly Shooting: These shocking images taken after the accident and revealed by the police

New pictures of the American actor were released by the police. A video shows a distraught Alec Baldwin answering the first questions from investigators on the spot.

In October 2021, Alec Baldwin was rehearsing a scene on the set of the movie “Rust”. It was then that he accidentally shot, according to the latest information, about a director on the scene, Halyna Hutchins. The latter held the position of director of photography on the set.

The decrepit face

In the United States, the police have just released the news of the actor after the accident. A video shot on all media, for a few hours. We can see Alec Baldwin answering investigators’ questions a few hours after the tragedy.

In the first few seconds of the video, Baldwin asks the agents if he is accused of anything. The assistant replies “no”. The actor then explains the classic security measures on sets and how weapons are handled in normal times. “Do you think someone would do it on purpose?” asks an official. “I can’t imagine who would do that,” Baldwin replies briefly then.

“Bang! The shot is gone”

This video is published by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, along with many other documents, from which they detail our colleagues CNN. “Several elements of the investigation remain pending, including the FBI’s ballistics and firearms analysis, as well as latent DNA and fingerprint analysis, the New Mexico Medical Examiner’s Office report and l ‘analysis of Mr. Alec Baldwin’s telephone data extracted from investigators of the Suffolk County (New York) County Sheriff, ”explains the Santa Fe County Sheriff, in a statement quoted by our colleagues.

It was the first time we shot this shot

In this interview with the investigators, Baldwin details the whole scene: “Bang! The shot went off – the first time (…)” It was the first time we shot this shot, we were rehearsing for this plan, “he explained. The plaintiff’s lawyer welcomed the publication of documents proving the veracity of his observations. Baldwin acted responsibly and had no control over the manufacturing issues identified in the report. ”

After the publication of the evidence and the interrogation, the investigation continues its course. Meanwhile, Rust Movie Productions was fined nearly $ 137,000 last week for “blatant disregard for employee safety” and will be sued.

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