Alec Baldwin case: what happened immediately after the deadly shooting? Santa Fe police release unedited footage

Six months after actor Alec Baldwin shot the cinematographer on the film he was shooting to death, police have just released new images of the director after the tragedy.

New twist in the case Alec Baldwin. The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office on Monday evening unveiled a series of photos and videos, some of them very dramatic, which contributed to the investigation into the accidental shooting that led to the death of director of photography Halyna Hutchins on the set of the western. Rust, in New Mexico, on October 21. We see in particular the police disembark on the spot and discover the relief in the process of extracting the young woman from the small chapel where the tragedy took place.

Alec Baldwin can then be seen walking towards one of the officers upon his arrival and introducing himself as “the person who had the gun during the scene.“The police initially focused on the two injured and radioed an air evacuation. A policeman will then go to meet the actor, telling him that he will be questioned. During this brief exchange, we see an Alec Baldwin still shocked by the events.“No, that’s not good”in particular the actor says to the policeman who asks him if he is okay.

The images of the interrogation

The new videos also show the American actor in the first few minutes of his interview with the police. Alec Baldwin is questioned there about the circumstances of the incident and why the weapon was not neutralized at the time of the shooting. “Do you think someone could have done it on purpose?”asks the policeman. “I don’t see who”, the actor replies. He also assures that he did not know that the weapon was loaded. “The gun had to be empty! exclaims the actor. And to add:But I repeated with a gun with a bullet inside, (…) I’m speechless. I need to know how this happened! Where did this bullet come from?

He pursues. “All the bullets, from what I was told and you have to verify, because it matters, were dummy bullets. The weapon should have been cold, with no real ammunition inside.“, He explains. I draw the weapon, raise it and then ‘Bang!’ She falls to the ground. It is falling apart, continues on Halyna Hutchins. “He collapses, screaming“, He adds, referring to Joe Souza, the director, who will be seriously injured.

Alec Baldwin could be prosecuted

More surprising: In what appears to be an excerpt from the scene shot at the time of the tragedy, he draws his weapon and wields it in front of the camera that tilts backwards. This is precisely when the kill shot has it been activated? Hard to tell since the sound was cut off.

the Santa Fe County Sheriff, Adan Mendoza, said in a statement that he awaited the results of the ballistic and forensic analyzes to conclude the investigation. On April 20, the responsibility of the film’s producers has already been held by the New Mexico authorities. They were fined $ 136,793 for “shows indifference to the recognized dangers of using firearms on set. ” If the local police have not yet initiated a criminal case, they are not ruling out, including against Alec Baldwin.

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