the executive is working on a new measure for the summer

Matignon had admitted it in March: the 18 cent discount at the pump it was an emergency measure to allow swift action in the face of soaring fuel prices. But you should think about it “Something that will last after July 31”. Bercy’s services therefore continued to work throughout the campaign to develop a new measure for households most exposed to price rises. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed this to Franceinfo on Monday 25 April, in the aftermath of an election dominated by purchasing power issues in a context of inflation: “We will keep a fuel device because the prices at the pump continue to be very high. “

The discount of 18 euro cents, effective from the beginning of April, is “efficient”, judges the minister, but devices “More effective because it is more targeted would be more relevant, because the current system “Benefits everyone, regardless of income level” or its transport constraints: «The 18 cents are not bad, but having more consistent and targeted aid seems to me more right and effective. “ The goal is to be ready for the month of July, when the next government will present the amending budget. Although everything is obviously liable to be questioned in the short term: “It may be that in a few days I will no longer be finance minister or I will no longer be in government”, recalled Bruno Le Maire.

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Whatever the configuration of the future government, and the identity of Bercy’s next tenant, a reflection must be undertaken as the “pump discount” must end at the end of July, and that prices do not seem to want to decline. Especially since the autumn, the executive has had to face the same difficulty: finding the measure aimed at the families most exposed to the rise in prices and identified as the most fragile. A technically complex equation, since the administration does not have directly exploitable data that would allow the persons concerned to be identified. “We have done all the technical work to be able to cross-reference the data between your level of income, the vehicle you have and the consumption of the vehicle, the number of kilometers you drive”, Bruno Le Maire explained on Monday.

The control of inflation under attack

In order not to be able to reach the desired population, the executive has multiplied gestures of various kinds in recent months to cover a wide spectrum of needs and beneficiaries, at the risk of helping non-priority populations, and “burn the cash register”, second right – the measures announced since the autumn amount to almost 30 billion euros. Inflation control, this sum of 100 euros paid to 38 million families in recent months and called “Compensation of the middle class” by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was particularly attacked by the opposition, the left considering it poorly targeted, the right too expensive. The revaluation of kilometric scale in January, reserved for taxable families, it was also heavily criticized, the socialist deputy Valérie Rabault estimated that 14.5 million people had been excluded.

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