Taxes. BlaBlaCar, Vinted, Le Bon Coin, Airbnb: should the money earned on these sites be declared?

Vinted, Leboncoin, Airbnb, blablacar ... Do you have to declare your income from these platforms?
Vinted, Leboncoin, Airbnb, BlaBlaCar … Do you have to declare your income from these platforms? (© ML /

After a jagged startthe 2022 tax return is officially launched.

From Monday 11 April 2022, the French have to declare their earnings for the past year. The idea: to calculate in which tax bracket you are situated.

Income declaration: accompanies you

From today and for a month, the editorial team is mobilizing to help you understand your taxation and complete your tax return.
Each day we will offer you a handy article so that, on paper or online, you can complete these formalities on time.

What if not all income must be reportedthe question arises of the earnings recovered after used, for example, on Le Bon Coin or Vinted.

First of all, you should know what platforms now have the obligation to transmit the amounts of income that you got from the taxman when they exceed 3000 euros or 20 sales per year. We describe all this for you.

How is it doing on Leboncoin or Vinted?

The Facebook market, Vinted, Ebay, Le Bon Coin … More often than not, the sales made on these platforms are at randomness.

“They are carried out in the context of the management of private assets”, as we read the website of the Ministry of Economy and finance.

Therefore, the sale of your manga collection, or pants that no longer match your size, for example, are not taxable. Such sales are not to be declared, as confirmed by Article 242 bis of the General Tax Code.

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A view provided by the Ministry of Economy (© Ministry of Economy and Finance)

Be careful though, two exceptions exist in the context of the sale of second-hand goods on the Internet:

  • If you sell precious metals, or if you set the price of jewelry, artwork, collectibles or antiques above € 5,000, you must report this income.

“You are therefore subject to the flat rate tax on precious metals that you have to pay in the month of the transfer away print 2091“, Specifies the website of the Ministry of Economy.

  • The second exception relates to the sale of goods priced above € 5,000 excluding furniture, household appliances and cars. For these, “you are subject to the tax regime for capital gains on the sale of movable property at a rate of 19%, which must be paid within the month thanks to the form n ° 2048-M. “

Also note that the rule is different if you made the items for the purpose of reselling them. In this case, the income is taxable and to be declared.

What about carpooling, for example with BlaBlaCar?

Do you want to save the planet, meet people or just save some money your mileage costs ? Then you must be a regular user of the BlaBlaCar carpooling platform.

Note that if you meet three conditions, the carpooling income does not need to be reported, as you can read Here they are :

  • You travel on your own
  • The price you offer to passengers does not exceed the costs incurred (fuel, tolls, etc.)
  • You contribute to the expenses. There is talk of “keeping a part in his office”.

In the event of a check, it will be necessary to be able to prove this. Toll and service station receipts, routes traveled, etc.

What if you rent your accommodation on Airbnb?

For the rental of accommodation on Airbnb, for example, the regime that applies is that of furnished tourist rental. “Under the law, Airbnb is required to provide the gross income that hosts have generated through the platform,” the platform writes on its website.

Therefore, “the income earned by hosts – for a short-term rental or for the provision of an Experience – on Airbnb must be reported. They are considered taxable income which may be subject to various taxes such as income tax, corporation tax and other taxes, “Airbnb told

These revenues, declared directly in your name by the platform, are therefore taxable.

Additionally, if you are concerned, the platform had to send you a summary email at the end of January to remind you of your reporting obligations.

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