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The secrets of saving according to dynamic pricing


There is a time for everything, even for the convenience of our online shopping. Does it seem obvious to you? Of course, you don’t have to be a shopaholic to remember Black Friday. But something new is happening on the net, and it’s called dynamic pricingWhere “dynamic price“. Price comparators have taken this into account for some time, but now, thanks to their research (the latest from, we’ll talk about it on the next page), e-commerce Internet users are also invited to take it into account to save taking advantage of market fluctuations. The indications are very precise: January, for example, is the ideal month to buy a mattress, saving up to 30% if you put it in the virtual basket on a Friday, late at night. good deal of this percentage can certainly happen, but it is difficult to repeat it in an online store that automates prices with dynamic pricing software, since the highs and lows are based on objective variables such as the prices of competition, relationship between offer and question and much more.

It goes without saying that as soon as the demand for mattresses peaks on a Friday evening, their convenience will fail due to the change in the relationship between supply and demand. Nothing particularly embarrassing in the context of the market dynamics that we already know, except that at the dawn of this new digital era, everything that recalls the use of algorithms and intelligence artificial arouses, most of the time wrongly, concern and is not a Announcements. The dynamic pricing strategy took off in the marketing departments of American airlines in the late 70s, it has taken over and transformed the entire tourism sector and only recently has it transformed into a sophisticated skill at the heart of revenue management, the revenue management that defines the rules of profit in many sectors of e-commerce, from online ticketing for shows and sporting events to healthcare.

To standardize the dynamic price strategy, in the academic field (those who want to know more can read the volume of Massimo Dell’Erba and Federico Quarato, D.dynamic pricing, Franco Angeli) a scenario is often mentioned: a gloomy morning in a big city. At the entrance to a metro station, a small percentage of passers-by – sane or lucky depending on the point of view – buy umbrellas for 5 euros. Two hours later, it’s raining dogs and cats and the same umbrellas are priced at 10 euros. Some street vendors may opt for a personalized pricing strategy (or discriminatory price, often confused with dynamic price) who prowl in front of beauty salons to sell 25 euro umbrellas to fresh young ladies, but that’s another story. Their common point is that even if a price varies considerably, this fact does not in itself represent a disadvantage for those who buy. What should always interest us is that the price is, in the words of Daniela Laconca, revenue manager of Starhotels, “fair”: “The logic of the fixed or seasonal tariff schedule no longer made sense long before our sector is not disrupted by technologies and covid, “he explains. “The habits and expectations of travelers had already changed and to guarantee profit to a company it was necessary to know how to take advantage – I also insist, because in my work the human control over what is published online is constant – on computer media assisted by a mixture of web analysis and customer profiling techniques, which however never reach the levels of sophistication that consumers imagine or often fear. The very controversial profiling, for example, is mainly used to anticipate the wishes of the customer or to offer him additional services of his interest, certainly not to make him pay for a room at a higher price than on other channels. The relationship of trust between seller and buyer was and remains a priority, even when they meet on the web”.

Since in the mare magnum of the network, you must navigate with caution (deleting browser history, preventing access to current location or blocking third-party cookies are excellent ways to defend against incorrect pricing practices ), the invitation is not to do everything you can: in e-commerce, as in real commerce, serious and less serious companies operate. You have to know how to recognize them, from the way they appear on their site.

I ask Laconca how he regulates himself as an e-shopper: “I suck, I check every little detail. Recently I had to buy a washing machine and I created an excel sheet with a detailed list of all features and prices including accessories such as postage and warranties before selecting the dealer and the device”. What if you had to book a vacation? “I prefer to phone the reception of the structure that interests me! “.

One week of discounted e-shopping

Here are the best days and times to shop on the Internet, according to research by Monday: bathroom scales (August, morning, -19.1%); epilators and electric shavers for women (September, afternoon, -41%).

Tuesday: Hard Disk Array (June, morning, -41.2%) or video cards (October, morning, -48.5%).

Thursday: pc motherboard (January, afternoon, -23.7%), e-bikes (February, late evening, -15.8%), car oil filters (October, late evening, -31, 0%)).

Friday: mattress (January, late evening, -30.6%); wine (May, late evening, -31.9%); sparkling wines, prosecco and champagne (May, late evening, -10.8 percent); rum (May, afternoon, -5.6%).

Saturday: bathroom furniture (January, night, -33.2%); vacuum cleaners and mini-ovens (June, late evening, -50% and -22.4% respectively), children’s bicycles (December, night, -40.1%); snow chains (August, late evening, -18 percent).

Sunday: chairs (November, morning, -33.2%); radiators (January, morning, -27.7%); variegated wine of wines and spirits (December, night, – 21.0 percent).

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