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The best apps to save on gas


Rising petrol, diesel and LPG prices linked to the war in Ukraine have revived interest in ways to save fuel. We wonder how to get free gas or pay less, so we looked for the best apps to save on gas prices. Also in this case, in fact, technology comes to our aid, providing us with the tools to refuel at lower prices.

here is 4 apps to pay less for gas which you should know and use right now.

4 best apps to save on gas

1. Gasoline prices

Fuel price app

Fuel price app

Gasoline Prices is Italy’s most famous app for fuel savings. Available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store, so for Android and iOS devices, Gasoline prices it also has the web version which works like the app.

The user can find the nearest cheapest petrol station on the fly and see the updated petrol, diesel and LPG prices of each petrol station.

The service improves with the collaboration of each individual user, so the more people actively use the app, entering the prices they find at distributors, the more savings will be available to everyone. To see which is the cheapest gas station, we just have to filter by type of fuel of our vehicle and activate the GPS.

Depending on the location and address searched, the application displays the nearest gas stations and with the lowest prices, both from large companies (Agip, Esso, IP, Q8, Tamoil .. .) and White Pumps or No Logo.


Waze app

Waze app

Waze is the Google-owned navigation app considered the best alternative to Google Maps. Available via mobile app on iOS and Android devices and compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Waze it also exists in a browser version for those who do not want or cannot install the application. In addition to providing driving directions, traffic information, distance and time to reach your destination by car, train, public transport, bicycle, etc., Waze also allows you to know the price of fuel in real time at gas stations scattered throughout Italy thanks to the constant updating and verification work carried out by the volunteer map editors of the Waze community.

This feature allows motorists to view the prices served and self-service at the pump from the application and to choose the nearest gas station and cheaper.


On the App Store, iCarburante ranks 4th in the Navigation category. Available for iPhone and iPad, this application in its free version allows you to know the diesel, petrol, LPG and methane prices and save on full. The screen displays the cheapest gas stations near you, allowing you to have all the data and fuel prices updated daily.

The app also has a version Pro which costs €1.99 and offers additional features and greater convenience such as the ability to save your favorite distributors, view the nearest distributors with the lowest price at the highest, view history with full details, access refueling stations via Maps or Google Maps, change fuel type and map type and find out distributor information, contacts, prices, distance and time of arrival.

4. ViaMichelin: GPS, routes

The ViaMichelin application is certainly one of the most famous navigation applications in Italy. Full of features, it’s a real assistant for those who travel by car, but not only. The user has free Michelin maps, routes with real-time traffic information, a GPS with voice guide and a 3D map; can quickly and accurately calculate the route and also know the cost of tolls, stamps and fuel. ViaMichelin allows you to find the most convenient gas station around or along your route and displays the fuel price for each gas station in Italy, France and Spain. You can customize your fuel consumption to calculate the exact cost of the journey: you just have to indicate the model of your car directly to obtain its specific consumption. For all these reasons, it is in our ranking of the best apps to save gas.

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