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In 2022, one of the expenditure items that will weigh the most on the family budget are those relating to electricity and gas bills, in particular following the increases which will be particularly high. Here are some tips and tricks to reduce energy waste.

How to save on electricity and gas bills (and more) – tips and advice

2022 has not started in the best way and the increases will weigh heavily on the pockets of citizens. Price increases are not just for foodstuffs but also for foodstuffs electricity and gas bills. For electricity the increase is indeed 55% while for gas 42%, here are some tips for saving.
1. Find the best deals. One of the ways to save is certainly to find the electricity and gas suppliers who apply the best rates. This means wasting time comparing offers and promotions, but the savings are guaranteed.
2. Install photovoltaic panels. By taking advantage of state incentives, you could consider investing in new energy systems such as photovoltaic panels.
3. Unplug. One of the consumptions that we do not realize is that related to the standby LEDs of many of our devices. Unplugging appliances that aren’t working is the best way to save on your electricity bill.
4. Change bulbs. Switching from incandescent to LED may be a small expense right now, but the long-term savings are significant.

5. radiators. The smart way to save gas is to turn the thermostat down one degree and you’ll see a huge saving at the end of the year. In addition, having luminaires that seal the rooms well, avoiding drafts, helps keep the house warmer and therefore with less energy loss and greater savings.

6. Phone. Are you sure you are using the landline? More and more people simply use the smartphone: if you are one of these types, it may be worth changing your subscription and keeping only the internet connection.
7. Pay TV. How many pay TV subscriptions do you have? How many programs and shows can you watch? Well, if you spend most of your time away from home, you could save money by canceling the ones you use the least or most. 2022 bills, record increases: 55% electricity and 41.8% gas, how much more will each family spend?
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