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Save on expenses, fuel and bills: 10 simple tips


Shopping, fuel and bills: 10 money-saving tips (Getty Images)

Shopping, fuel and bills: 10 money-saving tips (Getty Images)

To save money, especially in this period, it has become the watchword. The Russian invasion of Ukraine gave rise to the generalization increase in prices of essential products and services, fuel to households. Foodstuffs are not exempt from the increase, due to increased production costs.

Other consumption has written a handbook of advice to put into practice to deal with everyday expenses, defending his wallet from price hikes.

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Costs? Save with non-branded products

Who said quality was only found in branded products? Altroconsumo recently analyzed the results of its latest tests evaluating branded products, MDD (trademark of the chain) and private label. Those that combine a good price with at least good quality are in 45% of cases discount brand products. Private labels are also doing well.

Better the discount or in any case choose the cheapest channel

The first eight places in the ranking of the least expensive races are occupied by discounters, who over the years have been able to modernize their offer with more choice and more refined stores.

If you prefer branded shopping, you can also save money at the supermarket by choosing the right chain. Read the ranking of the most affordable supermarkets here.

Invoices, watch out for fees!

To save on electricity and gas, keep a check on your bill prices at least once a year: the information is usually found on the second page of the bill and can be used to make an exact calculation of your consumption by finding the most convenient rate between the different operators.

Overpriced suppliers? Don’t wait to change…

Learn how to evaluate the offers and possibly change providers. Definitely worth putting a little effort into this considering the costs ahead. It is essential to be determined that it is we who must choose: if contacted on the phone to change supplier, do not act impulsively by trusting what is offered. Always send the contract conditions and calmly evaluate the contract conditions and prices.

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Lower the heating by one degree, savings are guaranteed!

It would be good to limit the temperature in the house to 20°C in the living area and 16-18°C in the sleeping area. Reducing the temperature by one degree saves about 8% of the expense on the bill. If we consider, for example, a consumption of 1,100 cubic meters of gas, this represents an average of 120 euros per year for each degree less.

Use devices correctly

Oven: consumes a lot, but if you can cook combined with a stove or microwave you can save on your bill, consider buying a combined model. Take advantage of latent heat, i.e. turn off the oven 15 minutes before the end of cooking and leave the pan until your dish is ready.

Dishwasher: use it at full load using the “eco” wash even if it is longer: you will have an annual saving of around 14 euros considering 5 uses per week.

Refrigerator: do not insert hot food and avoid being often with the refrigerator open.

Washing machine: in this case too, always use it at full load (you will have an annual saving of 12-13 euros by going from 4 to 3 uses per week), opt for low temperatures (30-40°C) because the detergents are effective and choose the eco programme.

Air conditioners: set them at a temperature no lower than 6 degrees above that of the outside environment; if the heat and humidity are high, choose the dehumidifier mode and remember to do periodic maintenance.

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Choose bulbs that consume less: each room has its own

Buying the right light bulb saves you money on your electricity bill. The LED ones guarantee low consumption and last a long time. But be careful, because every room in the house wants the right LED bulb. Here, according to Altroconsumo, is which power is best to use room by room.

Bedroom: 10W LED for the ceiling, 3-5W for the bedside table

Bathroom: LED ceiling 15-20W and 10W for the mirror

Kitchen: for the ceiling the most suitable is a 15-20W, for the stoves 5-10W and for the worktop an LED 8-10W

Living room: for the LED ceiling 15W, for the LED table 6-8W and for the work corners 5-10W

Storage: a 10W led bulb is enough

The essence, better “self” than “served”

The “self” mode is always cheaper than the “served” mode. According to the latest Altroconsumo surveys, there are Italian provinces where the average price in self-service mode is even 9% cheaper than that served.

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Avoid refueling on the highway

The average price on the motorway is always higher than the average price charged in urban stations or on major non-motorway routes. “White pumps” are generally synonymous with practicality

Keep your car in perfect condition

Periodic maintenance of your car serves to reduce consumption. In particular, if the essential components of the ignition, injection and fuel system do not work perfectly, consumption can increase by up to 10 to 20%. In particular, remember to change or clean the air filters periodically, change the oil, have the exhaust gases and tire pressure checked.

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