M’illumino less 2022: here is the guide to saving while respecting the environment

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M’illumino less 2022: here is the guide to saving while respecting the environment


Florence, March 11, 2022 – A “package” of 16 rules to follow to save energy and money by reducing domestic and non-domestic consumption. But also a gesture of solidarity and peace at this particular historical moment. This is the campaign launched by the Municipality of Florence, which joined the 18th edition of ‘I light up less‘, the Energy saving day and the sustainable lifestyles of Caterpillar and Rai Radio2 with Rai per il Sociale. The campaign will be conveyed through digital and traditional channels, from the website to social networks, to leaflets and posters in the windows of the historic city center.

The vade mecum

At home, the vademecum plans to make best use of Appliances turning off those that are not in use, in order to reduce the energy consumption hidden televisions, monitors, air conditioners that stay on standby: each LED lit for a year (ie for 8760 hours) costs at least 2-3 euros and absorbs a lot of energy even when not in use. It is also important to use programs ‘Echo’, i.e. energy efficient, for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers; but also charge these devices properly and choose class A++ ones.

But also: iron only needed; reducing elevator use in condominiums for those living on the first three floors (with health benefits as well); use the electric oven correctly, activating preheating only when necessary, avoiding the grill function and not opening it frequently during cooking. As far as possible, choose the microwave oven which consumes about half of traditional electric ovens. rational use of fridgeone of the most energy-consuming devices in homes, for example by not lowering the temperature below three degrees and by not open it in vain.

Regarding the household consumptiondriving rules relate to fuel economy for the warm up, for example, adjusting the room temperature to a maximum of 18-19 degrees; but also the use of low consumption light bulbs such as LEDs or the installation of luminaires that prevent heat loss, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in the heating and cooling systems of domestic environments. Finally, with regard to extra-domestic energy saving, the vade-mecum indicates the preference for public transport or the bike, limit car use; but also the good recyclingwhich allows substantial energy savings for recycling and disposal of materials and results in a lower per capita cost for Tari. It is also important not to abandon waste, thus avoiding the waste of resources for collection, disposal and cleaning.

Councilor Del Re: “Each of us can really do a lot”

The rules concern domestic energy savings, linked to household consumption and the use of household appliances, but also non-domestic energy savings linked to transport and waste collection. ”We join again this year the campaign ‘M’illumino di meno’ – said the environmental adviser Cecilia Del Re – with a list of rules and good practices that each of us is called to respect in order to make the use more efficient .of energy resources. Indeed, at this historic moment, faced with high bills and a war that also affects the issue of energy, we felt it was our duty to do our part: not only for the protection of the environment, but also as a gesture of peace. We turn off so our lights as much as possibleour household appliances, we don’t take the elevator, we lower the temperature of our heating by one degree: each of us can really do a lot to lower the level of energy consumption in our city”.

“Even within our Municipality we will do our part by committing ourselves to respecting these rules – continues Del Re – which we will disseminate not only to citizens, but also to our employees whom we will invite in particular from here to Earth Hour not to use the elevator. These are good rules that we will post near the elevator as they represent energy saving and a healthy lifestyle. The full campaign is published on the Ambiente website and will be promoted through the different communication channels. in M’illumino di meno we have also included the theme of flowery balconies with the new competition that we will launch on March 21 with the Tuscany Horticultural Society. So ‘Turn off the lights, turn down the heat and put a flower on the terrace’, because each of us can do something to protect the environment and send a signal of change, solidarity and peace”.

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