Merate: changes to IMU and Tari regulations. 30 thousand euros in overall savings on income tax

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Merate: changes to IMU and Tari regulations. 30 thousand euros in overall savings on income tax


Councilor Alfredo Casaletto

The star of the evening, as mayor Massimo Panzeri defined him, was the budget advocate Alfredo Casaletto who for the occasion displayed “lush” hair, a shirt dotted with colored “squares”, a tie with white polka dots on a burgundy background and a petrol green waistcoat.

Already discussed in the budget committee, certain changes to the regulations in this area have been unanimously approved IMU, TARI, royalties, personal income tax.

With regard to the municipal tax and the TARI, the possibility has been introduced of paying amounts over 10,000 euros in instalments without having to resort to sureties, in order to relieve the taxpayer of a procedure that is often cumbersome but also expensive. . Until now, in fact, the citizen who wanted to get out of his debt situation exceeding 10,000 euros was obliged to go to a bank, an insurance company or a credit institution with an increase in expenses. The amendment introduced allows installment payment, both for IMU and TARI, without policy and without affecting the success of collectability. Finally, a legislative provision has been implemented for Italian citizens registered with the AIRE, owners of housing not rented or loaned for use, who will pay the IMU and the Tari in reduced form, only for 2022. Still with regard to the tax on waste, the amendments to the regulations approved with the possibility for non-domestic users to deliver urban waste outside the perimeter of public collection.

Formal amendments to the regulations have been implemented for the application of the new concession, authorization or advertising exposure fee, which do not affect the principle of invariance of income.

The waste management service’s financial plan and tariffs were approved. The plan presented in December by Silea provides for costs of 1,550,000 euros, of which 61.04% is attributable to the variable part (949,000 euros) and 38.96% to the fixed part (606,000 euros). For domestic users, the fixed part is established on the basis of square meters of housing and the variable part is based on the number of members of the family unit. For non-domestic users, both the fixed part and the variable part differ according to the category of reference products to which coefficients are applied.

Despite the difficulties of the moment and the impossibility of carrying out large-scale maneuvers, the administration nevertheless managed to make a small reduction in the municipal surcharge, by including it in the amendment to the regulations. First of all, the tranches have been reduced to four, the surcharge has been reduced for all by 0.1%, which represents an overall saving for citizens of 30 thousand euros. Favorable opinion of the auditor Dr. Nicola Zorzi and unanimity of the class collected by the adviser Casaletto.

These are, among other things, the latest assessments provided by the professional, whose mission has ended and, according to the draw of the prefecture, will now pass to Dr. Ugo Giovanni Savoldelli.

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