It’s incredible, but with an expenditure of 100 euros, a family can save hundreds of euros a year on bread

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It’s incredible, but with an expenditure of 100 euros, a family can save hundreds of euros a year on bread


Inflation, expensive energy and the war in Ukraine are driving up the cost of one of Italy’s staple foods, bread. The average family struggles to make ends meet: wages remain stable while prices generally rise.

Let’s see what are the average prices of bread found in different Italian cities and how much it costs to produce it at home. Only then can we decide whether or not to prepare it at home. Partly anticipating the conclusion, it’s incredible but with a cost of 100 euros you can make big savings on this item of expenditure.

The question of price

A few days ago, Assoutenti calculated the average price of bread in the main cities of the boot. In general, the increases are more marked, especially in the urban areas of the Centre-North. The absolute highest price for fresh bread was in Ferrara, €9.80/kg, while the average price was €5.31. Next come Forlì and Venice, with maximum prices equal to 9 and 8.50 euros/kg and average prices equal to 4.37 and 5.52 euros/kg respectively.

Even further, we have Bolzano (6.50 maximum price and 5.51 euros/kg average price), Ancona (6.5 and 4.1 euros/kg), Bologna (6.40 and 4.80 euros/kg ) and Macerata (6.40 and 3.97 euros/kg). In Milan, Bari, Reggio Emilia and Udine the maximum price recorded stopped at 6 euros/kg. The averages, on the other hand, range from 4.34 in Milan to 2.90 euros/kg in Bari.

The least expensive provinces are those of Naples (2 euros/kg maximum), then Cosenza and Benevento (respectively 2.50 and 2.65 euros/kg).

It’s amazing, but with an expense of 100 euros, a family can save hundreds of euros a year on bread

According to some analyses, it is estimated that in Italy an average of 60 kg of bread is consumed per person, or about 1.15 kg per week. Therefore, an average family of 3-4 people would consume 3.45-4.60 kg per week. Assuming an average national price of 3.80 euros per kg, it would take about 15 euros per week (60 euros per month and more than 700 per year) just to buy bread.

Obviously the prices, and therefore the shopping, vary a lot from North to South, between city and province and also according to the type of bread. For example, gluten-free or wholemeal or with specialty flours cost significantly more than these average levels.

How much you save with 100 euros of initial expenses

Now we are wondering if it makes sense and is better to prepare it at home and snip this item of household expense. We took a quick look on the net and found that a decent bread machine costs around 100 euros. With a more robust outlay you buy higher performing models.

This is certainly the first item of expenditure to be incurred, followed by that of electricity. However, to save a lot of money on your bill, you just need to know the right time slots to prepare it at very low cost.

Then we have the cost of the flour (we also saw how to choose them according to the use), the yeast and the few other ingredients needed. Even without going into details, the convenience of baking bread at home is obvious.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the other advantages of such a choice. First of all there is the one for which with the bread machine you also prepare the dough for pizza or pasta or to make desserts, for example. Then we think about the case of possible allergies and / or intolerances and therefore the convenience of preparing it independently. Finally, there is the freedom to play with imagination, tastes and preferences and to obtain the best bread possible.


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