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Idroventil systems: comfort and savings – Chronicle


Idroventil Impianti decades of experience in building systems with high energy efficiency, comfort and savings. This is the business card of Daniele Maretti’s activity, based in via del Gelso in Bizzuno di Lugo. Idroventil Impianti was founded in 2003, focusing on the construction of thermohydraulic systems, the installation of boilers and air conditioners, or residential and industrial systems.

“Over time – explained Daniele Maretti – we have also dedicated ourselves to renovations and new factories, as well as to large industrial works, without ever abandoning small and medium works, which have made us grow and become known in throughout the province have decided to pay particular attention also to energy saving and environmental sustainability, so we create systems with heat pumps, biomass, solar thermal systems, mechanical ventilation systems, floor, ceiling and wall air conditioning, heating and cooling systems; we are dedicated to geothermal and hybrid systems, in addition to the installation of traditional condensing boilers”. But the range of Idroventil Impianti’s proposals is much wider: “We also deal with water, thermal and waste systems, as well as we specialize in the renovation of bathrooms, in the purification of water, in central vacuuming, in the construction of fire-fighting systems and in the construction of thermal power plants, up to repair, maintenance and after-sales assistance.

For us, customer requests are very important. We listen to the needs of those who call us to offer the solution that best suits their needs. Well-being and comfort are in fact the result that we want to achieve through a functional and energy-efficient system”. To succeed in earning its reputation, Idroventil Impianti has focused all its energies on the quality of work, precision: “These are precisely – continued Daniele Maretti – the requirements that characterize our work, with particular attention to energy efficiency. ” Daniele Maretti himself then told how Idroventil Impianti was born: “All this is not a simple job, but a real passion that has accompanied me since childhood. From the age of 8 I fell in love with the world of plumbing by seeing craftsmen working in my home; the same ones who then hired me once I reached working age. Over time, the desire and curiosity to embark on my own path grew stronger and stronger. So, as soon as I had the chance, I opened my own business, putting into practice, even improving, everything I had learned during the 90s”.

Since last December, Idroventil Impianti has “doubled”. Indeed, a twin site in Lugo has been added to the Bizzuno site, under the Pavaglione loggia. The workforce, coordinated by the owner, is made up of 7 specialized technicians and 3 administrative-commercial employees. The fleet consists of 4 vans and a company car. The reference market is quite heterogeneous. Idroventil Impianti carries out its work 60% in the private sector, 20% in the industrial sector and 20% in the shipbuilding sector.

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