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here is the periodic purchase on Amazon


The clashes in Ukraine are about to trigger a major side effect in the market, which every family will soon experience: a further cost increase. However, these are not the well-known and clearly visible costs of gasoline or bills, but a second wave directly following the first. Rising energy costs and declining exports of certain goods from Russia and Ukraine will indeed lead to a foreseeable increase in the costs of wheat, corn and other essential foodstuffs. This factor will be disruptive and very dangerous in the poorest countries, but it will have a huge impact on the whole Western world.

I’inflation, in short, it is destined to consolidate even in the most structural component, related to basic necessities. There are three ways to prevent this danger: consume less, consume better or buy wiser.

Prudent buying is linked to offers and the search for the best prices, an aspect that goes well with the ability of housewives in a world different from the current one, but who today can find new formulations through the stores. in line. Buying food by choosing from supermarket catalogs, for example, allows you to compare price lists with the convenience of a tabletop reflection, comparing multiple labels from the comfort of your PC. Or you can try the recurring purchase route, which it can do save even more than 15% on the price of products in the Amazon shopping cart.

Recurring Purchase

I’periodic purchase it is a particular mode which makes it possible to save on the daily products. A recurring cart can contain, for example, packets of pasta, cans of tuna, condiments, toothpaste, sugar. By identifying the correct formulation, it is possible to send the goods on a recurring basis, choosing the frequency (from twice a month, up to once every six months) and stopping the operation whenever you wish. By doing so, a recurring loyalty discount is obtained, useful to cool the predictable price increase in a timely manner.

Periodic purchase on Amazon

The saving may seem small on the single product figures, but if you multiply it by a wide range of products and repeat it over time, it will automatically be offset by increased prices on the shelves and inflation will weigh less. One thing is certain: the increases will be substantial and today looking for an alternative is useful and intelligent.

An example:

On a basket of 50 euros, an easily accessible figure for everyday products, it is possible to save 5 or more and receive everything at home at no extra cost. By choosing the right rhythm of periodic delivery, the savings will be automatic and repeated, with savings that will clearly be in the double digits at the end of the year.

Another solution offered by Amazon is themultiple purchase: by inserting products in quantity (for example 4 packets of pasta instead of just one) you can save 5%. Although on Amazon you can easily get used to higher percentages, on food the situation is different and a 5% is exactly what is needed at this point to counter the price increase.

Multi-buy on Amazon

It’s not just Amazon, of course: many large retail chains now offer online services with local pick-up. Avoiding home transport is clearly a first factor in savings, by giving up the time savings and the convenience of home delivery. But buying smart is the first real way to save valuable percentage points. Think about how much you spent on your last receipt, how full your basket was and what it would mean to be able to reduce the final figure by 10-15%: yes, in the long run it makes a difference.

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