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Expensive energy: how to save? Top 20 Tips



The guide produced by Enea contains suggestions on good practices to apply and mistakes to avoid to counter costly energy and save money.

Expensive energy is a serious problem for Italian families, forced to face much higher bills than a few months ago. Saving energy is certainly the best way to lighten this burden. So let’s go to discover the 20 tips from Enea (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) to save energy.

The guide contains advice on good practices to apply and mistakes to avoid by the Energy Efficiency Department of the Agency: 10 tips concern the efficient use of heating (Heating Decalogue) and 10 others the use ” smart” energy. But not only. A few daily gestures are enough to save up to 10% on the bill: for example, turning off the lights and the heating when you leave the house, not opening the windows if the thermo is on and turning off the PC if you don’t. don’t use it. It is also important not to exceed the temperature in the house, that is, more than 20 degrees.

Energy saving: the right reflexes

Among the most effective measures to reduce consumption (and expenses) are LED bulbs, with which energy savings of around 85% can be achieved. Even high energy class appliances are an effective antidote to expensive energy: the cost difference between having a refrigerator + washing machine + dryer + dishwasher + oven + heat pump with a high energy class in the house and the lowest energy class is up to 40%.

Also pay attention to small gestures such as shielding the windows at night with shutters, shutters or curtains to reduce heat loss and turn off the day before: indeed, those that seem harmless can weigh up to 10% on the bill if they are leaves all the time.

“For this reason, it is good to use special devices such as standby stops,” explains Nicolandrea Calabrese, head of the ENEA Laboratory for Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Urban Development. “But even more incisive actions are possible – he adds – such as the maintenance of the installations, the real estate check-up (energy diagnosis), the constant control of the temperature and the regulation of the rooms up to more interventions structural”.

Among the errors to avoid, forgetting to defrost the fridge and the freezer: if they accumulate too much ice, consumption will turn; likewise, watch out for clothes drying on the radiator or sofa in front of the radiator and lights on when you leave a room.

Other economical solutions relate to the type of boiler: the condensing models save up to 22% of methane gas compared to traditional ones (in a 130 square meter apartment) while the thermostatic valves on the radiators allow d achieve savings of around 13% in methane gas consumption.


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