Dear fuel, Codacons releases a decalogue: “Here’s how you can save”

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Dear fuel, Codacons releases a decalogue: “Here’s how you can save”


middayMarch 14, 2022 – 12:23

The consumer association disseminates all the useful advice for saving up to 25% on petrol and diesel consumption. Lippolis, president of Confindustria Brindisi: “Price speculation”

Of Giuseppe Di Bisceglie

Fear of speculation is the basis of Codacons’ request to 104 public prosecutors in Italy to investigate soaring fuel prices at the pump. The Codacons, considering the unsustainable levels of fuel prices at the pump, distribute a manual with all the useful advice to save up to 25% on gasoline and diesel consumption: drive smoothly and fluidly. Avoid pulling gears and exceeding 2,500/3,000 engine rpm. Continuously accelerating and braking is a real exhaustion; avoid pressing too hard on the accelerator. The more you run, the more you consume and especially in town it is useless, because you do not really save time; prefer high speeds. Indeed, it also allows you to save 10% fuel; choose the cheapest distributor carefully. Before refueling or going on a trip, it is advisable to check the prices of gasoline and diesel in your area of ​​residence, also using modern applications which, thanks to geolocation, allow you to identify the cheapest petrol stations; tire pressure is crucial. If the tires are not inflated to the correct point, it wears between 1% and 2% more; limit the use of the air conditioner. If you turn it off or keep it running, the fuel savings can be around 10%; the lightening of the weight of the car leads to significant savings in fuel consumption; close the windows and, if not necessary, remove the luggage rack. It is essential not to alter the aerodynamics of the car, otherwise consumption will increase considerably; turn off the engine as much as possible, especially in town. Standing still in traffic with the engine running and maybe the air conditioning on means wasting a lot of fuel, around 30% more and only using the car if and when needed. It’s a lifestyle choice. Rediscover walks and only use the car when you really can’t live without it.

The reaction

“We are asking the local justice and the Antitrust to activate Nas and Guardia di Finanza to carry out inspections throughout Italy by seizing the fuel purchase invoices and all the useful tax documents both from the oil companies and among wholesalers and brokerage companies, checking the existing differences in the purchase and sale prices of petroleum products before and after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine – explains President Carlo Rienzi – We want to understand who is speculating on the pockets of consumers and businesses and in which direction the price increases for petrol and diesel which now seem totally unjustified”. Codacons is asking for checks on the companies active in the field of oil refining and the importation of the already refined product which would have reduced the brokerage commission applied to the resale to the distributor “by an average of 5.5% (i.e. approximately 8 euro cents). per litre) at 19.7%”. “A surcharge which – reads the memo from the trade association – would be unjustified and would lead to an unfair increase in the price of prices at the pump to the detriment of the community.

President of Confindustria Brindisi

Even the president of Confindustria Brindisi Menotti Lippolis speaks of speculation on the rise in the price of fuel which would also benefit the State. “In the last week alone, the additional revenue is equal to around 45 million euros more at current prices, compared to the second week of February. The State has the possibility of using this treasure to support families and businesses and, in addition, it can sterilize the VAT on fuels for a few months to immediately reduce the price, giving new life to the budgets of families and companies”, he says. “And then the State – concludes Lippolis – can, indeed must, use the treasure that accumulates with the additional income from the sale of fuels to fuel new support measures for family budgets and manufacturers and, immediately, sterilize the ”VAT on fuels, in order to immediately reduce the selling price. A drop in the sale price of fuels means immediate savings for families and decisive liquidity support for companies, given that they are forced to anticipate the cost of VAT paid on fuel consumption, entailing high risks in terms of cash which can also lead to the cessation of activity. A maneuver of this type would give a positive signal to the operators. The risk of a short-sighted policy is that widespread discontent becomes a protest, like that of road hauliers, and leads to a further blockage of activities, setting in motion a negative spiral which accentuates the already dramatic situation in which we find ourselves today. millions of families.

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March 14, 2022 | 12:23


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