Dear bills: how much does your dryer consume? Saving tips

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Dear bills: how much does your dryer consume? Saving tips


A useful device, but also expensive from an energy point of view: here’s how much it consumes and how to use it more wisely

For a few years now, thedryer it has entered the homes of many people: it is practical, because it makes it possible to face the laundry to be washed without the nightmare of having to drag and then pick up the clothes from the drying rack; it is useful, especially in winter, when the cold and the rain do not allow us to dry our laundry properly. But did you know that it is also one of the most energy-hungry appliances found in our apartments?

The annual consumption of a class A dryer it is estimated at around 90 euros, while that of a class B device exceeds 120 euros per year. Unfortunately, these price estimates are bound to increase, given the rise in energy costs: since January, electricity bill prices have increased by almost 42%, while a further increase (+ 20%) is expected in the next quarter.

These data should not discourage us from buying this device: the important thing, before buying, is choose one with a high energy class. A small investment at the time of purchase will result in long-term energy savings – for the benefit of our wallet, but also for the environment.

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If, on the other hand, you have already purchased the dryer, you can set up some small precautions that will allow us to save money at the end of the month. First of all, we always use the appliance at full load (this also applies to the washing machine and the dishwasher): this will allow us to activate the dryer less often and save up to three or four euros per month – in one year, this translates into considerable savings, up to 48 euros. Also be careful not to overload it: with an over-loaded basket the machine will have to work more than normal, consume more energy, and even our laundry will not be perfectly dry.

We also choose the right program, grouping the linen by type and fabric, in order to avoid drying cycles that are too long and costly from an energy point of view. Finally, we do a good and constant maintenance of the device: behind abnormal energy expenditure, in fact, often hide malfunctions and breakages. In this perspective, it is also important to clean the filter under running water and to periodically empty the condensate collection tray, in order to make the dryer more efficient.

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