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Cheap Maldives: 5 ways to save without giving up!


Whether you want to relax or have a great new experience, the Maldives I am definitely a easily accessible and full of experiences for all budgets.

the crystal clear watersthe white beaches and theamazing resort offer And guest House they will be the setting for this wonderful trip as a couple or as a family.

Let’s see together what to do to save money in maldives without having to give up a global experience.

Cheap Maldives: how much does the flight cost

Fortunately, from there are so many flights to Maldives and companies abound, in fact you can start with:

By treating the Maldives in the low cost version we will do all the calculations based on period from June to Augustor when he is there low season.

Prices are more or less around 600-800 euros more or less the gap is present, it all depends on the offers you will find and the period in which you want to leave.

The Maldives at a low price: the choice of the Resort

the The Maldives truly has endless villages and resorts to suit all budgets.

It starts with those offering a 180 square meter room with a private pool from 10,000 euros per night, up to these four which basically sare the ones that cost lessWhere:

  • Fihalohi;
  • Biyadhu;
  • Eriyadu,
  • Asdu.

Of these four stations it can be said that the cost will be more or less between 140 and 200 euros per day per personso for a week’s vacation, 8 days and 7 nights, in one of these four stations we will spend approximately between 980 and 1400 euros per person.

Cheap Maldives: where to book

On where and how to book there are two options:

  • the do it yourself;
  • rely on a travel agency.

What is warmly advised do to save money and of book the flight by yourselfthen go directly to the company’s website e rely on an agency for the station.

There are so many online agencies, however, you have to be very careful because many hide the famous “scams”, so either you start with reliable agencies because a friend or relative has already used their service and is happy ., or it is not the case to choose as the luck of the draw.

Profit to advise is to join the facebook group The Maldives of MondoMaldives where you will find a lot of useful information regarding the different online agencies.

Maldives on a budget: the cost of living

There is a small premise to be made, which is that try to save as much as possible when booking the resort on the listing of the reservation you will read, “full board”.

What is meant by full board? Means that you are entitled to all meals, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, but they are excluding all types of beverages, so also water.

This results in a slight increase in prices, indeed a bottle of water can cost between 3 and 4 dollars so between 2.70 and 3.60 euros.

It is therefore necessary to count at least a daily expenditure per person of around twenty euros just for drinks. The prices are really high and are always indicated in dollars.

Cheap Maldives: let’s do two calculations

Got to this point let’s sum it up and let’s see how much your holiday will cost youa week in the Maldives in low season:

  • steal around 700 euros;
  • appeal 1400 EUR;
  • Cost of life around 100 euros;
  • let’s add one temporary health insurance 60 euros;
  • the cost of the agency 40 euros;
  • some other souvenirs 60 euros.

We reach a total of around 2,360 eurosan achievable figure to stay a week on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

5 magical tips for a quality trip to the Maldives

Let’s talk about money lThe Maldivian rupee is the official currency. Larger stations certainly have an internal exchange officecorn even the islands inhabited by the Maldivians if you stay in a guest house.

How to stay connected to the world? In appeal there is absolutely no problem, you will surely find a Wi-Fi connection available, instead if I stay in now virtually all guesthouses are being equipped.

The alternative is to exit the airport and trust a specialist this with about 20 euros he will give you a local simfrankly it is not necessary to have a local sim, on the contrary WiFi is very widespread and even if in a more or less discontinuous way, you will certainly find it available when you return to the hotel.

How to get around the Maldives on a limited budget?

There are three ways to travel between the atolls. The first is the very used fast boatby almost anyone and connections are very frequent.

the Cost for the nearest routes it’s around 40 dollars about 36 eurosthe costs obviously vary according to the destination.

Different speech if you want to take a seaplane rideflying over the atolls on these small planes is really priceless there are images that will remain in your eyes practically a lifetime at its price.

If you are a fan of 100% local experiences, then don’t miss a dhoni trip, these are typical Maldivian boats that the Maldivians themselves use to make the journeys from one island to another are obviously more rudimentary than any seaplane or speedboat, the average cost is $5.

Where to eat in the Maldives to save money

If you are in Resort there will be a chef who will cook traditional and international dishes.

Sand instead you are in the guesthouse or whatever in local contextsbe sure to stay on the Islands inhabited by Maldivians where you will find facilities that they offer full bed and breakfast.

But certainly do not miss to taste the typical dishes in their restaurantsyou can go to find the most hidden corners of the islets.

If, on the other hand, you are staying in a residence there is a lot of minimarket available where you can shop and really get a taste of local life.

Maldives: two ways to experience it. Luxury hotels or guest houses?

Let’s dispel a myth in the Maldives we never get bored, unless you want. At this point you will have understood that they are there two ways to discover the Maldives: the luxury resort or in guest house and local hotels.

Caution, I am not talking about taverns but very widespread small hotels And small hotels managed directly by the Maldivians.

If you are staying in the resort certainly for example the boats they use to take you on excursions or to take you offshore they are more tested and safer and often with you there will be trained professional staff and flipper masks etc. are already included in the price.

A special pearl some resorts organize luxury wrecks, But what is it? Practically you will be transported to a desert island where there will be only you. They’ll let you do yours picnic in complete privacy then pick you up at the time you want.

There is obviously no shortage of gods emergency cell phones who you can keep in touch with staff when you need it.

In guest Houseinstead we have, first of all, the freedom to haggle and then obviously the prices are a little lower and we gladly talk about cumulative excursionsor with other passengers from other guesthouses and other islands.

The boats with which they transport you these are mainly local means, but this type of experience has nothing to remove from the one I illustrated previously, it clearly depends on your tastes and above all on your expectations.

Maldives: what not to miss. Here are some valuable goodies

Baa Atoll is a UNESCO protected biosphere where you can live the extraordinary experience of dive with whale sharks these gentle giants of the seas, diving with them is truly an emotional experience of a very high level.

Second tip I want to give you and not underestimate Malé. The capital is very weakit will be more or less as big as the island of Capri so if you have it available invest a day that way.

I know you probably have nothing in mind other than the white sandy beach, but really, if you want to get more or less in touch with the Maldivian mentality and really understand what these people do in their daily lives, I repeat, don’t let Malé leave out.

You can certainly stop and chat with the locals who are very friendly to understand their daily life and go for a walk in the small shops.

You may also consider taking a short tour of local restaurants and really understand what they eat. because probably by choosing the Resort the experience is a little filtered, but even by choosing a guesthouse if the island is not too big the range of places to eat will still be limited.

In the Maldives, the state religion is if you are staying on an island inhabited by Maldivians aPay attention to their customs.

Even the smallest hotels and the most remote islets have the so-called bikini beach where you can wear your two-piece suit without offending anyone.

Please note, however, that no alcohol will be poured into your glass from the beginning to the end of your stay.

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