Bots with ESG criteria: an update on 75 years of managed savings

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Bots with ESG criteria: an update on 75 years of managed savings


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Sunday, February 27 at 8 p.m., on FR | Vision, the second episode of “The Future”. Trace the history of Italian industry with the protagonists and look to the future

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Seventy-five and not hearing them. Seventy-five years of changes, ideas and successes, always with a single protagonist: the savings. The second episode of the docu-series “The Future”, created by Assogestioni, will be dedicated to tracing the history of the Italian asset management industry. Sunday, February 27 at 8 p.m. on FR | Vision. Because only by looking at where you started from is it possible to understand where you are headed.


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After the success of “Oxygen for the economy of the planet”, the first episode devoted to sustainable development and the real economy, in this episode entitled “We did not spare each other. From government bonds to ESG products”, we will start from art. 47 of the Constitution to condense 75 years of savings history into just 25 minutes. A story in which the events that have seen Italian industry as a protagonist from its beginnings to the introduction of environmental, social and governance criteria and attention to climate change will be traced.

They will be many to retrace these long years today’s protagonists: the president of Assogestioni, Tommaso Corcos, Fabio Galli, general manager of Assogestioni, Luigi Conte, president of Anasf, Alberto Brambilla, president of Itinéraires de la sécurité sociale, Mauro Agazzi, general manager of the Cometa Pension Fund , Francesco Priore, university professor and one of the first financial advisers in Italy.

With them, thanks to a valuable contribution recorded in 2014 on the occasion of the thirty years of mutual funds in Italy, there will also be some of the industry pioneers: Guido Cammarano, Angelo Abbondio, Giulio Baseggio, Attilio Ferrari, Giorgio Forti, Francesco Taranto, Gustavo Visentini.

Because the goal of the series “The Future” is to tell, with a new language also accessible to a wider audience, major current issues, ongoing processes that will have long-term effects on the economy and society from an industry perspective. In short, to clarify the relationship between managed savings, the real economy, environmental awareness, investments, innovation and the social dimension.

“A virtual way, but more engaging, to involve a large number of high-level interlocutors in the same ‘place'”, he explains. Jean-Luc Gatti, Communication Director of Assogestioni. “At the same time, the series transports the viewer into the debate by clarifying the most complex points with animated infographics and a typical approach to the entertainment industry, bringing them in a smooth way to the issues discussed”.

The appointment with the third episode, which closes the series, is for March and at the center of the debate there will be the human capital and innovation. An episode that will directly bridge the issues of the next Salone del Risparmio from 10 to 12 May. Indeed, he will talk about the importance of thinking today about the issues of trust, education, training, work and their need to walk together to be drivers of change.


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