Boom in membership of the Ape consortium, a network of companies to achieve energy savings

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Boom in membership of the Ape consortium, a network of companies to achieve energy savings


BELLUNO – 40% increase in Belluno businesses, associated with theAppia Cnainterested in joining the Consortium of energy companies. This is a group forpurchase of electricity and natural gaswho manages to get i maximum savings thanks to its aggregation force. the about fifty member companies up to the period before energy price increases are increased by another twenty-thirty unity. Index of how expensive bills affect and worry cardholders.

The trend has been recorded since the launch of Monkey Consortium, which at the regional level has a few hundred members, a constant growth. The price increase of methane and electricity significantly contributes to the important extra attention. Although, to meet the costs, some companies have opted for autonomous energy production. The consortium is aimed at all small, medium and large companies in all product sectors. The entrepreneur who chooses Ape for their business can then extend the concessions to theirs as well private households, members and collaborators. In addition, companies that opt ​​for renewable electricity can share the choice with their customers by using the “100% renewable energy” mark on products, services and in communication.

“Ape offers savings on current costs, he explains Christian Sacchet, director of the Provincial Association of Small Industry and Crafts, assisted by the coordinator of the sector that deals with Ape, Michele Sella, a constant search for the best offers of energy and gas, periodic information on price trends, an analysis of the accuracy of each invoice issued . We also have a specialized consultant and experts evaluate the interest or not of joining”.

On average, the savings are around 30 percentage points, with peaks of 50%. Reducing the energy expenditure of its activities means contributing to improving that of the whole country, managing to free up resources that can be used in other areas. Meanwhile, the cost of the entire energy sector is also soaring for the province.

In Comelico, as elsewhere, increases of 40/50% for electricity (these days the bills of the national electricity service are distributed with increases, for example, from 170 to 245 euros), upwards for heating oil, while petrol and diesel now travel abundantly above two euros, a red arrow up even for those who buy wood. A series of negative economic factors that are likely to weigh on companies, already tested by the pandemic.


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