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4 tips to save on car insurance – Montecarlonews.it


Car insurance is an unavoidable expense for many families, which significantly impacts the budget. It is for this reason that many ask how to save on your car insurance policy, without having to give up full coverage and which allows you to protect yourself and your vehicle. It is indeed true that by choosing only the compulsory ACR you can spend less, but it is also true that without some additional guarantees you risk having to incur very high costs in the event of an accident.

Luckily, saving on auto insurance without giving up good coverage is possible and today we’re going to give you some tips on how to do that.

#1 Opt for online insurance

A first tip to save money is certainly to consider the various online insurances, because unlike the traditional ones they are generally cheaper in terms of price. It should be noted that online businesses are generally cheaper because they have lower management costs than physical ones. It is therefore not a question of choosing a less valid option from the point of view of coverage and the service offered, but rather a modern solution. The only difference with online insurance is that they are managed virtually, by accessing your own reserved space on the site company or using the appropriate application for mobile devices.

#2 Compare the offers with an online comparator

You should know that online insurance is not always more advantageous and that some are certainly more practical than others. For this reason, it is always worth it use an online comparator to compare the offers of different companies and establish an estimate. In this way, it is possible to have a complete overview and to understand which is the most advantageous policy for your needs. Indeed, there are insurances that are cheaper than others with regard only to the mandatory RCA, but which turn out to be more expensive if other guarantees are added.

#3 Only include guarantees that are actually useful

Another helpful tip for saving on auto insurance is to include in your plan only really useful additional guarantees. As we mentioned, RCA alone does not offer complete protection, so it is worth adding another cover, but there are some that may not be of any use. For example, someone who lives in a quiet town with few inhabitants can do very well avoid including vandalism coverage in your insurance package because the possibility of their occurrence is very minimal. You must choose carefully, depending on your specific situation.

#4 Choose one-time payment

A final tip for saving on auto insurance is to choose one-stop premium payment. Of course, the expense in this case is quite large, but we must consider that opting for installment payments means, in most cases, paying additional interest. Ultimately, in essence, you’re going to spend more bounty and that’s definitely not practical.

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