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County Residents Seeking City Support for Farmers’ Market 2022 | Superior story


BATAVIA – With the Genesee Country Farmers Market asking vendors to participate in its 2022 season, those involved in or visiting the market are encouraging the city to support it again this year.

Janet Goodenberg of Rooted in Joy Farm, 6597 Albion Rd. In Oakfield, who had lived in the city for 17 years before moving, spoke at the city council business meeting on Monday evening on behalf of the market. This would be the seventh year of the market in town, she said.

He said the market’s request to use the parking lot of the former JCPenney store, site of the Genesee Country Farmers’ Market, was filed. His understanding is that the request will be considered at the board meeting on March 28.

“I know a lot of you support us and have been there,” he said. “I want you to know that the farmer’s market is valuable to the community because we supply fresh produce from the area. The best food comes from the people you know. It keeps the money here in the GLOW region too. It helps the local economy and the community to support each other, (which) is what we really want ”.

Goodenberg said there are people who walk to the market, ride bicycles for exercise, and pick fresh vegetables.

“We have a lot of people, especially since the pandemic started, who have limited transportation and live right in the area, so it’s (the market) very accessible for them,” he said. “The Healthy Living Center (Healthy Living Campus project on Main Street) will go right across the street. I know we may not be able to be there forever, but I think it’s all about a healthy life. “

Goodenberg said the market participates in programs that help local residents, especially low-income residents. You mentioned that the market is part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). She accepts electronic transfer of benefits (EBT) cards and has a program in July and August where families can, whenever the market is open, buy market tokens for $ 20 and also receive $ 20 of other tokens. Those other tokens can be used for fresh produce.

“If a family came to the market three times a week, a $ 60 budget would buy them $ 120 worth of food. I think it’s really useful for many of our local families, ”Goodenberg said.

Goodenberg noted that many vendor applications for the market start rolling out at this time of year.

“If you could give some sort of top priority to examining our application, accepting it and letting us know, it would really help us,” he told the Council. “We really need to send the questions, get them back, consider who we have room for in the market and the market manager needs to understand where they will all be positioned.”

Goodenberg said he would like to know if people can attend the city council business meeting on March 28.

Christine Zinni of 31 Pringle Ave. thanked the City Council said that the market is an important topic from an educational point of view.

“I have received some of the wonderful foods on offer at this market. I teach food and culture at the State University of New York at Brockport, ”said Zinni. “I talk to many young people about what it means to have healthy products, to be outdoors and to be able to connect with others face to face. It helped me to have that resource (the market) so close: being able to walk or cycle and the health benefits of fresh food, ”she said.

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