Balto leads the contact center market in real-time guidance with over 150 customers

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Balto leads the contact center market in real-time guidance with over 150 customers


High-functioning integrations create short-cycle customer success

ST. LOUIS, March 17, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Balto, the No. 1 for contact centers, surpassed the 150 customer mark and continues to grow more than 100% year-over-year. Balto is powered by artificial intelligence Real-time guide continues to get smarter and add more value to embedded contact center as a service (CCaaS) systems with the August 2021 announcement of real-time quality assurance and real-time coaching, critical capabilities needed in the contact center.

Balto logo (PRNewsfoto / Balto)

Balto logo (PRNewsfoto / Balto)

Balto, the No. 1, has passed the 150 customer mark and continues to grow beyond 100%.

Balto also continued to expand the number of CCaaS integrations with its platform, solidifying the company’s foothold in the real-time driving space and reducing time-to-value for even more customers. With over 50 integrations available and growing, including Genesys, RingCentral, 8×8, Five9, TalkDesk, Zoom and Salesforce, Balto has an unprecedented ability to connect across a wide range of platforms so contact center agents can have better conversations with customers which increase customer satisfaction and lead to increased sales.

By doubling over five years of contact center support with real-time guidance, in 2022 Balto is serving the industry by creating two revolutionary new resources that will help companies make better investment decisions. The first is the Conversation Excellence Lab (CEL). CEL is conducting original research on contact centers that will make an important contribution to optimizing the CCaaS workforce and operations.

The second is the Balto Real-Time Index. The Balto Real-Time Index will leverage data from 100 million real-time calls that have been improved by Balto, summarizing industry results for critical contact center KPIs such as sentiment, optimized language, conversation speed, payout rates. conversations and compliance. The Conversation Excellent Lab and the Balto Real-Time Index will publish information in the public domain, accessible free of charge.

In addition to serving the industry by publishing key performance data into the public domain, Balto is working tirelessly to serve current and future customers by advancing its industry-leading contact center solutions by bringing the next generation of real-time guidance to market. Balto recently introduced the second generation of its proprietary AI, bringing new intent-based language processing to its best speech recognition capabilities. In addition, in 2022 Balto will integrate real-time chat, advanced and multilingual reporting into its core platform.

Balto’s momentum in this rapid growth $ 19.5 trillion dollars market has positioned it for continued growth in the enterprise SaaS market in 2022. With a forecast of more than double the revenue and customer count, Balto’s growth is accelerating through the industry’s leading CCaaS partnerships and heavyweight investments in the sector like RingCentral Ventures. Finally, Balto was recognized by Gartner as a critical supplier in the CCaaS ecosystem.

About Balto

Balto guides agents to say the right thing with every call. The best performing contact centers rely on Balto’s real-time guidance, real-time coaching and real-time QA to increase sales conversions, prevent costly compliance errors, and improve the customer experience. Founded in 2017 and based in St. Louis, Mo.Balto transformed contact center operations and led over 100 million conversations around the world.



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