Hundreds of Belgians no longer have access to their bank account on N26: “We have lost up to 25 thousand euros”

Bad surprise for hundreds of Belgians! The problem is this: Many customers are no longer able to use their online account with the German neo-bank N26, announces Het Laatste Nieuws. It is a non-traditional bank with no physical headquarters. About 7 million people use their services around the world. Launched five years ago, it managed to slightly shake up the classic banking landscape where rigidity is often required.

Almost 2000 people were scammed who collected themselves on a Facebook group and 200 in another WhatsApp. In question, the impending bankruptcy that would have hit the group according to our colleagues. Hour after hour, new grieving people come forward. The goal is to help each other build a case against the bank.

The problems started on April 14, with the blocking of the first accounts. According to several customers, N26 is not responding to their mail. Some claim to have lost up to € 25,000 in this (bad) adventure. “N26 refuses to answer questions, but in a statement he tells us that it was a mistake and that” there is no risk of failure “one of them is surprised.

In the past, N26 has already been fined more than € 4 million by the German banking supervisor, due to deficiencies in its anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system. A special commissioner has even been appointed by the regulator to monitor the company’s compliance and imposes a temporary limit of 50,000 to 70,000 new customers per month. A binding system that Italy has also put in place for its subsidiary.

After this start of the scandal, the bank nevertheless reacted. “We want to reassure that N26 presents no risk of failure, as we have strong fundraisers and funding.”, ensures. The bank also swears that the affected Belgian customers are not too numerous. “For 150,000 Belgian customers of N26 at the beginning of 2022, only a few dozen are today affected by the closure of accounts in Belgium”He explains. “We quickly resolved this issue and changed the measure we took. Our teams are also contacting affected users directly to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

According to the support service, you need to open a new account to transfer money to it. But no explanation is given for the block.

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