Fuel Prices: What can the government expect after the 18 cent discount ends?

Fuel prices continue to stagnate at very high levels, despite the 18 cent discount applied to the pump since April 1st. This measure should apply until July 31, but after?

This Monday, April 25, the Ministry of Ecological Transition released fuel prices. After three weeks of slight decline, the trend seems to start to rise again, with a particularly strong impact on the price of diesel, which increased by more than 6 cents per liter compared to the previous week.

Almost 2 euros per liter of diesel

The liter of diesel therefore stands at 1,876 euros per liter, compared to € 1.8116 the previous week. On the gasoline side, the liter of SP95-E10 also increases by 1.4 cents e costs € 1,748 on average and the SP98 passes from € 1.8340 to € 1.8449 per liter.

In the aftermath of the results of the second round of the presidential elections, the question of whether the measure of the discount of 18 cents, implemented at the pump from 1 April and scheduled until 31 July, would be maintained, despite the change of government.

And the discount?

Invited to the microphone of France Info, Bruno Le Maire, if he still does not know whether or not he will be part of the next government, says instead that the aid would be maintained until the announced date.

“We will keep a feeding device because the prices at the pump continue to be very high. […] It was a promise from candidate Macron, so it will also be a decision of President Macron, “said the economy minister.

Discount at the pump: “Justice would be that we help more” the big rollers who need their own vehicle to go to work, estimates Bruno Le Maire who announces measures towards the summer.

—Franceinfo (@franceinfo) April 25, 2022

Target the “big rollers”

Whether it will continue in the same form remains to be seen. Bruno Le Maire believes that the push for everyone to the pump is “effective”, but “There may also be devices, in my opinion, more effective because they are more aimed at people who have no choice but to bring their vehicle to work, or who are heavy commuters”.

A device on which Jean Castex had asked the Minister of Economy to work and which should be ready by the summer. “It’s an alternative option but in any case we will keep a device to protect the French from soaring fuel prices, “says Bruno le Maire.

This more targeted aid corresponds in fact to the election promises of Emmanuel Macron, who envisaged abolishing the 15 cent discount on the price per liter and replacing it with more targeted aid for low-earning workers.

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