Fuel Prices: Liberal health workers will be eligible for a doubled pump discount

Assurance Maladie just announced “Exceptional Financial Aid” for Liberal Health Professionals. For business trips, an additional discount will be granted for refueling your vehicle. This boost is welcome after several months of rising fuel prices.

“Outstanding financial aid” is the term used by health insurance to announce a boost for liberal caregivers. The latter will benefit from a double discount at the pump to fill up for business trips.

A temporary measure

This measure was announced at the end of the day on Monday 25 April a A press release. The aim is to face “the increase in the cost of fuel” and to “support health workers who have to travel as part of the care provided to patients at home”. This financial boost is complementary to that already implemented by the government at the pump.

Thus, in addition to the aid already applied of 0.15 euros per liter, the Health Insurance will increase the “compensation for
travel and mileage allowance. “This new aid will correspond to 15 cents per liter, a doubling of the push already underway for several weeks.

A total aid of € 0.30 per liter

This bonus is expected to “affiliated health professionals”. As mentioned Le Figarothese are nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, midwives, speech therapists, podiatrists and podiatrists, or laboratory staff, and finally orthoptists and dentists. This reassessment is expected to be temporary and extend until July 31, as is the aid from the Castex government.

Thus, cumulatively, “with the help of the government and the exceptional provision of health insurance”, liberal caregivers will benefit from “aid of at least € 0.30 per liter”. All this “independently of the other aid announced by the government, in particular the increase in the 2022 scale of the kilometric allowances”.

This measure is particularly welcomed by the National Federation of Nurses (FNI), but the organization questions the “transitional nature” of the bonus. The FNI has been calling for government aid for several months for liberal health professionals, it reports Le Figaro. Now it’s done.

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