French fries, margarine, sauces … Manufacturers authorized to replace sunflower oil without modifying the packaging

The state grants this waiver for six months due to sunflower oil supply problems faced by producers.

The state on Tuesday allowed manufacturers of margarine, chips, sauces, biscuits or casseroles for up to six months to replace sunflower oil in their recipes without changing the packaging, due to supply difficulties due to the war in Ukraine. The industrialists who submit this request for a derogation will be able to use, for example, rapeseed oil, Bercy said on Tuesday after consulting industrialists and consumer associations. “We welcome this decision. Some packaging will need to be changed within two months, this period is short but we will adapt»Says Jérôme Foucault of the Association of Processed Food Companies (Adepal).

A very different story from the part of the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir: “ We are not satisfied. Sure, there will also be generic information on the shelves specifying on the banners that the recipes have been edited to alert consumers, but we have asked for the exact list of affected products to be written, which will not be the case. »Regrets Olivier Andrault, head of the food mission within the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir.

Producers will have a period of six months to change their packaging but will in fact have to indicate before two months on the package that a change of recipe has taken place without necessarily specifying which one. In the case of addition of allergenic products, or in the event that the package contains statements that are no longer true, such as “100% organic” Where “without palm oilfor example, the indication of a recipe change must be immediate. “ There will be information about the package. We are satisfied on this point because the information for consumers is clear », Estimates Olivier Andrault, head of the food mission within the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir.

Changes referenced on the Internet

Any revenue changes that have been revoked will be referenced on a fraud prevention website (DGCCRF), a department of the Ministry of Economy. According to Bercy, several hundred or even a thousand references could be the subject of these exemption requests, in particular fried products such as chips or fries, or breaded, or even margarine, sauces, pasta, in oil …

The industrialists had seized Bercy’s services several weeks ago to warn of tensions in the supply of sunflower oil and to ask for permission to change the proceeds. The Foodwatch NGO then insisted on the need for a “total transparency“, And on Tuesday he reacted by saying goodbye”the transparency efforts of the authorities“. He warned, however,on the puzzle of access to information for consumers“at best via stickers on the packaging -“But not always– or via a QR code in stores that link to the Fraud Prevention Website (DGCCRF).

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