Every day life. Smic, RSA, tobacco prices, Livret A… What changes from 1 May

Who says May, says annual revaluations of social aid and Smic based on inflation but this month also has several deadlines not to be missed.

Increase in the minimum wage …

As required by the Labor Code, the Smic is revalued on May 1st when the consumer price index increases by more than 2%. Being 2.65% more in March 2022 than the previous measurement, in November 2021, the level of the minimum wage therefore increases by the same percentage from this Sunday.

The minimum gross monthly wage in mainland France therefore ranges from € 1,603.12 to € 1,645.58 for full-time work, which gives a net monthly minimum wage of € 1,302.64 instead of the previous € 1,269. The increase is 34 euros net per month.

After the previous revaluation of 1 January 2022 – also due to inflation -, the Smic will therefore have increased by 5.9% and in one year it took 72 euros net: it went from 1230.60 euros in May 2021 to 1302, 64 euros this Sunday .

… and social assistance

As for the benefits provided by the National Family Allowances Fund, their revaluation reached 1.8%, or double the inflation rate of 4.5% in a year in March. This small increase will be applied to family allowances, basic allowance for young children, childcare supplement, PreParE for parents on parental leave, at the RSAto the activity bonusin addition to the next allowance for the return to school, which will be paid in August.

Note that Disabled adult allowance (AAH)increased on 1 April, it will begin to be paid at the beginning of May, and will go from 903.60 to 919.86 euros.

Evolution of the price of tobacco

Tobacco prices fluctuate slightly from Sunday as a result to the French customs document.

The pack of 20 Lucky Strike Original red cigarettes loses 20 cents, going from 10.20 to 10 euros, but the 10-cent drops are the most numerous: Lucky Strike long (red, blue and gold), Peter Stuyvesant (silver, blue and red), Rothmans (blue, Red Select and London), Vogue L’Originale (white, blue, pastel), Winfield red, etc.

In contrast, several models of the Winston brand take 10 cents.

Several deadlines to come

May also has its share of administrative formalities.

After the presidential elections, the French will again be called to vote on 12 and 19 June for the legislative elections. If you are not registered on the electoral roll or wish to change your voting municipality, you have time until Wednesday 4th May for do it online and until Friday 6 May to do the trial in town hall or by post.

More information on

Whether they are in their final year, already in university or resuming their studies, future students for the year 2022/2023 have until May 15 to complete their student social card (DSE). The latter is essential to apply for the scholarship on social criteria (BCS) and accommodation in a university residence.

The terms and the list of supporting documents required for the creation of the DSE can be found on

Finally, it will be necessary to deal with the 2021 tax return for those who have not yet done so during the month. There are only a few weeks left to check it, complete it if necessary and validate it:

  • the May 19 for the paper declaration, regardless of the place of residence;
  • the May 24 for the online declaration of taxpayers residing in departments 01 (Ain) to 19 (Corrèze);
  • the May 31 for the online declaration of taxpayers residing in departments 20 (Corsica) to 54 (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Taxpayers in departments 55 (Meuse) to 976 (Réunion) have a few more days to pay the tax: they have time until June 8.

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