Why is entrepreneurship so attractive?

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Why is entrepreneurship so attractive?


While developing your business requires exponential energy, risk-taking and brings some stress, especially during the first few years, it’s clear that entrepreneurship continues every year despite the inherent difficulties in entrepreneurship to capture interest and that the coronavirus hasn’t stopped. the phenomenon. Focus on why entrepreneurship is attracting more and more people.

Reduced risk compared to the past

It is clear that the new laws in favor of entrepreneurship have largely contributed to its development. Yes, the body bond no longer exists. The entrepreneur who goes bankrupt today no longer finds himself in prison, which no longer limits risk-taking to an elite who could afford to lose everything as we have seen in the literature. Furthermore, the new obligations to create a business today only require a capital of 0 euros and the rise of the web has significantly reduced the initial contribution in many sectors of activity. The investment is therefore no longer as important as it once was.

But not only that, because the laws that promote the separation of personal and professional assets have greatly contributed to reducing the consequences on the property of the creator and the company manager. It should be noted that statutes that do not engage in some things like that of the self-entrepreneur have made it possible to significantly increase the number of entrepreneurs.

Freedom that attracts but double-edged

It is above all the principle of freedom that attracts business project leaders. Being able to organize at your leisure and not having to be held accountable continues to attract creators. Nobody doubts that with all the people who have taken a liking to teleworking and who will have to return to work, the percentage will only increase. You just have to observe employees who now wish they could come to work flexibly and who will not be able to understand that a fracture is about to come. In any case, no one will come to tell you when to act and how to act as an entrepreneur (unless you have committed yourself).

Freedom also resides in the choice of company orientation. If in the vast majority of companies, employees have to be content with getting what they are asked for or going in the direction set (which is completely normal), the choice is tempting. Being an entrepreneur intrinsically implies adhering to the path … you have chosen.

However, you shouldn’t believe that this freedom is total as you always have to seduce your customers and that in the end it is because your offer satisfies a demand that you manage to sell. The customer remains king even if you can “relatively” decide your behavior with undesirables.

Be the one who manages

It is clear that criticism of managers is the order of the day in companies. Very often they are criticized, whether it is about recognition through the promotions that are given, people who are in the company while others more competent are sometimes fired, proposals that are not listened to or simply the daily climate in the company. As a leader, you no longer suffer as you are the “supreme” body.

Be careful all the same because you are the “supreme” authority within certain limits: you cannot already operate against the law and your employees, but above all you are sometimes subject to some corporate bodies such as the board of directors. So you don’t necessarily have as full powers as you might think, especially if you don’t have a majority stake.

The possibility of being in line with its values

Starting a company implies that you will define the values ​​of your company. You decide the project you are about to launch and you can be involved in a cause that is close to your heart. The values ​​anchored in the company emanate from the management and if you want a project that tends to help the poorest or reduce inequalities, for example, it is your choice. You instill all your values ​​on a daily basis and decide which ones to consider and which ones to defend. Be careful all the same to set it up from the start and take it into account right from your first hires. You may quickly find yourself stuck with people who don’t share them, so you might as well resolve them before each recruitment.

The only job that can make you a billionaire

Billionaires are all (or almost all) of the entrepreneur category. There are no other professions that can carry it. All billionaires are themselves or heirs. Success stories highlight the fact that with or without a diploma, with personal luck or not, with specific skills or not … it is possible to become the head of a unicorn.

Entrepreneurship today represents one of the few professions in which social elevation is possible. While most parenting jobs lead to their children having the same job, this is not the case with entrepreneurship breaking the boundary. If the socio-professional category has a slight influence on the chances of success, it is far from the first. One more reason that may lead some to want to get out of the straitjacket in which they are locked up.

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