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What methods to promote female entrepreneurship?


In 2019 women represented only 30% of entrepreneurs in Francewith male entrepreneurs remaining in the majority.

While breaking the gender gap in entrepreneurship is a major challenge, promoting female entrepreneurship relies on several factors. From the fight against stereotypes to the promotion of female entrepreneurial successes, through the implementation of support solutions and financial support, here are some lines of thought aimed at promoting female entrepreneurship.

Break stereotypes

Gender stereotypes continue to have an impact on the choice of professions. Many professions remain linked to the male image and their feminization is almost non-existent. Entrepreneurship itself also remains associated with man in the collective unconscious. It is therefore essential to break these stereotypes and promote gender equality in entrepreneurship. It starts with raising awareness of young people during their school orientation, to stop having a gendered approach to the professions.

Promotion of female entrepreneurship

To encourage women to start, we need to highlight successful female entrepreneurs. Showing examples of female success encourages initiatives to create or take over a business. Furthermore, women engage in many sectors of activity (crafts, agriculture, social and solidarity economy, technology, liberal professions, etc.). Valuing their presence encourages women to take the plunge in entrepreneurship by showing them that it is possible and accessible.

An example of an initiative aimed at promoting female entrepreneurship: Women doing things offers a feminist newsletter that highlights the journey of inspiring women.

Facilitate access to credit

Money is at the center of concerns when embarking on a business project. It should not be an obstacle to the creation, acquisition or development of a business. This is why financial support and access to banks and credit must be facilitated for female entrepreneurs.

The “Women’s Equality” guarantee established by the state thus allows women entrepreneurs to have easier access to bank credit. Whatever the legal form of the company, such assistance is accessible to any entrepreneur in any business sector. It guarantees loans of up to 50,000 euros (see association Active France).

Strengthen the accompaniments

Facilitating procedures and encouraging exchanges are important issues in promoting female entrepreneurship. Today there are collaborative platforms and different networks of women entrepreneurs or investors (the Women Business Leaders association, the SISTA collective, etc.).

These networks facilitate meetings and assistance between female entrepreneurs. Moral support, confidence building, exchanges, women entrepreneurs who are part of a network benefit from support and avoid isolation that could harm the development of their business. There is also a specialized incubator for women’s entrepreneurship (WILLA) in Paris that offers various successful support programs.

Whether in France, Europe or Africa, women are still too shy to start developing their own businesses due to the obstacles that prevent them from asserting their leadership. But many initiatives tend to encourage women to dare, to gain self-confidence and to establish themselves in this predominantly male business world. Many measures that encourage female entrepreneurship.

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