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What makes the Qbic spin-off fund unique: hospitals


Qbic, which raises 49 million new, is a fund like no other: it brings together not only universities and research centers, but also hospitals.

Belgium is home to some amazing wallpapers, of which there are few or no equivalents on the European or even world stage. This is particularly the case with Qbicthis investment fund interuniversity which focuses on business projects from the launch of the idea. What he hassingleis that they are not only different universities and research centersCorn even hospitals! “Doctors and specialists in hospitals have ideas, but generally no entrepreneurial skills; we can also intervene at this level to help them carry out their project”, he points out. Sofia BaetenQbic CEO.

Qbic comes from close the initial fundraiser from its third fund. He has collected 49 million near SFPIfrom the Flemish holding VMS, regional investments Finance & Invest BrusselsLRM (Limburg) e Noshaq (Liège), banks KBC and BNPP Fortisabout twenty private investors, as well as five universities, two research centers (Vito and Imec) e eight hospitals.

Privileged access to a diverse pipeline

“Three universities each have their own fund dedicated to their spin-offs: UCLouvain, ULB and La KULeuven, explains Sofie Baeten. Qbic brings together the others: Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the University of LiègeA clever way to fill this void. “Universities are becoming more and more active on the business front, he adds, which is very good for the economy in general.”

“Universities are becoming more and more active on the entrepreneurial front.”

The bottom has a privileged access the projects developed within them, as well as those that emerged in the two research centers and in the partner hospitals. “I believe we are the only venture capital fund to have such a holding and such a network of partners,” says the manager.

Qbic III can therefore take a stake in the capital as soon as the company is launched, after having it accompanied The founders. It can also invest in collaborating start-ups with partner universities or hospitals. His minimum deposit is 500,000 euros while his maximum per company is set at 10% of his total resources. The occasion to note that his ambition is to collect 80 million in total: the final closure is scheduled for September 2023. Enough to finance more projects and to subscribe to bigger tickets.


million euros

The Qbic III fund has already raised 49 million, but is aiming for 80 million by September 2023.

Two projects already in focus

The new fund has selected, like the two previous versions, four business sectors: biotechnology, medtech, deeptech (listen: hardware related business) and digital, with the spirit of distributing its balls equally among them. “We cater to scalable, internationally oriented companies whose business is based on unique or strong technology,” specifies the CEO. With the aim of staying from five to eight years in the capital, then to organize its release.

In the past, Qbic I has managed some spectacular “exits”, such as the IPO of Biotalia, the sale of PharmaFluidics to Thermo Fisher Scientific or that of Biogazelle to CellCarta. In total, Qbic I made 18 investments. Qbic II reached 19, but has yet to materialize a release. “That’s normal, because 2022 is only her fourth year of life,” says Sofie Baeten.

“In universities and hospitals, the flow never stops.”

As for the new one, its executives did not wait for the first closure to analyze the projects. “In universities and hospitals, the flow never stops.” Qbic III has already done this two investments in sightone in biotech, the other in deeptech, which is expected to close by the end of June.

The summary

  • Belgium is home to some extraordinary funds, including Qbic, this spin-off investment fund that brings together not only universities and research centers, but also hospitals.
  • After closing the first two, Qbic launches its third fund, in the same niche: spin-off of unif, research centers and partner hospitals.
  • It weighed with 49 million euros and ultimately aims for 80 million.
  • It addresses four sectors: biotech, medtech, deeptech and digital.

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