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the same search for meaning


Will entrepreneurship evolve towards a search for meaning? Will Generation Z (1980-2000) show a desire to change the world and serve society? The entrepreneur will go hand in hand with the rise of entrepreneurship … This is entrepreneurship within the company, in which employees propose and lead a project that can lead to the creation of a company. The advent of digital and its tools that allow you to connect anywhere and at any time constitutes a further opportunity for this generation to pass the entrepreneurship course!

Generation Z wants to be involved

He shows ambition in the world of entrepreneurship and wants to engage in independent activities. According to numerous studies in Europe, around 72% of teenagers plan to start their own business one day. At the same time, the Internet of Things offers an incredible number of opportunities to put your entrepreneurial spirit into practice in your actions and ideas, with the cloud and the blockchain.
Previously, where it was necessary to build a business to build capital, today any system develops from a Visa card buying cloud storage space on Amazon or Microsoft.

By 2030… start-ups and freelancers are multiplying

Global energy demand will increase by 50%, 48% of the population will live in regions with scarce water resources, and sea level is likely to have risen by nearly 12 cm. If the entire world population adopted the same diet as our European or American fellow citizens, agricultural production would not be able to feed 4 billion people! Furthermore, the scarcity of energy resources will fuel regional and international conflicts. And it will cause massive migratory flows. Outside of Generation Z, there is a significant movement in the growth ofs freelancers e start-ups popping up like mushrooms.

A common ground: the search for meaning

She makes sparks. She is often criticized for her infidelity and her opposition to wage society codes. We look at this generation with kindness. It expresses their desire to find meaning in the work. Generation Z wants to get involved and take action! What is my added value within a collective? What are the impacts of my work? How can I agree with my beliefs? These are the big questions that entrepreneurship can answer.
To satisfy the desire to be concretely useful, the entrepreneurial path seems to be a relevant employment solution for the new generations.
In Europe, like in Paris, Brussels, London …, we are seeing a real enthusiasm among young people for entrepreneurship and the emergence of a social trend. Because at the beginning the motivations are always a bit the same: “to be your own boss” and “to fulfill yourself”. The recipe works more or less well depending on the availability and skills of the team, but what unites them above all is letting themselves be carried away by the same wave of motivation: the search for meaning.

The learning entrepreneurs of tomorrow …

1 – Being an entrepreneur is a job ! These are additional and essential skills to be acquired to meet the current and future needs of the market (decision-making skills, resilience, creativity, knowing how to surround yourself, etc.). In a world governed by the rapid obsolescence of knowledge and skills, entrepreneurial desire is explained by a need forlearning skills by doing. The student entrepreneur seeks practice rather than an indelible stamp that marks competence. He builds his agility out of him. Entrepreneurship is learning.

2 – The student who begins his professional life vers 2030 does not expect the company to do him the honor of a job. Honor the market of make their talents and skills available. Through entrepreneurship, creative students can build partnerships and offer medium and large companies innovative solutions to their challenges and diversification needs. Companies like Decathlon have understood this well and are starting partnerships with incubators to benefit from the ideas and skills of the actors of tomorrow.

3 – Entrepreneurship allows new generations to be fully involved in a project using another part of themselves, or their intuitions, their emotional intelligence and their deep aspirations. Faced with their real potential and their limits, are fully realized.

4 – To be a successful manager, you need to know how to stop and view your business from another perspective. Entrepreneurship is no longer limited to action but also to personal fulfillment, the real engine of project performance. It makes sense because it invites the entrepreneur to adapt and become the best version of yourself.

5 – We are in a new era, all the great models that supported the conception of our societies must be reinvented. Entrepreneurship is a real change initiative vector.

In Europe, nearly 50% of the population is under the age of thirty today! May their career choices be guided by meaning. Entrepreneurship multiplies the meaning by five. Reasonably, it is a real path towards the human and economic development of society.

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