Ten winning agglomeration projects from the Collective Entrepreneurship Initiative Grants

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Ten winning agglomeration projects from the Collective Entrepreneurship Initiative Grants


Francois Laramee. From the local journalism initiative

Moisson Rive-Sud de Boucherville will receive $ 7,500
A sum of $ 85,000 will be distributed in scholarships to ten projects in the Longueuil agglomeration that are winners of the third edition of the Bourses d’itiatives en entrepreneurship Collective (BIEC), the presentation of which took place last week.
The BIECs were aimed at pre-start-up and start-up social economy enterprises and mainly aimed at supporting the development of new collective entrepreneurship projects.
The Vieux-Longueuil Farmer’s Market will open this summer with a $ 15,000 grant. The market will be open one day a week from May to October and will be located next to the Jacques-Ferron library.
Quebec Multidisciplinary Aviation Center (CPAQ.AERO) receives $ 15,000 to create the Quebec Airline Pilots Cooperative at Saint-Hubert Airport to ensure succession of aviation workers.
Accorderie de Longueuil will launch a pilot project to make a significant contribution to the maintenance of seniors with loss of autonomy at home, in particular through local interventions, thanks to a grant of 15,000 dollars.
The Urban Wood Valorization Center is raising $ 12,000 to set up a professional showroom in a commercial space in the village of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville in order to present products made with urban wood to the population.
The Agrégat art center receives $ 7,500 to create the Atelier de la ville, a place dedicated to art in Longueuil, a place of production, presentation of works, collective actions and continuous programming of events, which will help promote local culture and regional.
The Se reconstruire center de santé du sein organization will be able to redesign their website to create an intuitive, dynamic and easy-to-use platform with the help of a $ 7,500 grant.
Moisson Rive-Sud is pocketing $ 7,500 to establish the governance of his new solidarity organization, L’Autre épices. This is the jury’s favorite project in the Longueuil agglomeration.
Cœliaque Québec will soon be offering monthly gluten-free cooking seminars for celiacs living in Montérégie with a grant of $ 7,500.
The Classical Festival receives $ 7,500 to produce a market study of a concert hall specializing in classical music and to create a professional and strategic center for the development of classical music in Greater Montreal.
And then, the Joujouthèque of Saint-Hubert is pocketing $ 5,500 to carry out the La Joujou project near you, which aims to establish its services in at least six family organizations in Longueuil, thus facilitating access.

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