Supporting entrepreneurship over 45: the Fondation Entreprendre presents the lessons learned from the “Les Entrépides” experiment

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Supporting entrepreneurship over 45: the Fondation Entreprendre presents the lessons learned from the “Les Entrépides” experiment


Support for entrepreneurship over 45, credits: iStock

Support for entrepreneurship over 45, credits: iStock

A unique experiment to understand the challenges of entrepreneurship for the over 45s

Alongside the associations French initiativespecialized in supporting the creation of businesses, e All your possibilitiesspecializing in acquisitions, 47 entrepreneurs aged 45 and over in a professional transition situation benefited from tailor-made support to develop an entrepreneurship or business acquisition project.

Distributed in four territories (Lille Métropole, Brenne Regional Nature Park, Nancy and Bordeaux), the experiment, lasting six months, was conducted taking into account the know-how and specificities of these associations, mobilizing dedicated guides and making leverages on four pillars of competence: mentoring, business, coaching and training.

Entrepreneurs benefited from individualized follow-up with a support manager throughout the course, collective workshops that enabled them to work on common issues such as self-confidence, or even personal coaching and mentoring with a referral couple. .

During this experiment, the independent social innovation agency ELLYX conducted a study to evaluate best practices and learn lessons. The results are available in a 20-page summary, intended for all those who support entrepreneurs: Supporting entrepreneurship for 45+: Lessons from the “Les Entrépides” experiment.

The lifting of psychological brakes and doubts, especially financial ones, to give the ability to undertake

If a long professional experience can be an asset to be undertaken over 45 years, a redevelopment, however, must be equipped and supported.

Despite a greater maturity linked to the richness of a professional and personal path, entrepreneurship is experienced by many over 45 as an adventure full of uncertainties, involving a need be reassured on his ability to undertake and on the feasibility of the project.

“The workshops“ strengthen self-confidence ”and“ creativity ”are crucial at the beginning of the course. They allow you to best size the project to suit who you are and what you really want. It’s a way to push the boundaries, he explains Didier, an entrepreneur who participated in the experiment. This made my project evolve in a very positive way and put me in a positive and combative mood. ”

Time is also a key element of entrepreneurship after the age of 45. These are profiles who want to quickly move forward in their project while to preserve humanly and financially their personal situation often already constructed.

The Entreprendre Foundation and its partners have thus learned the essential lessons of the experiment, for a successful removal of the brakes with these entrepreneurs:

  • Build self-confidence and believe in your abilities
  • Share with colleagues and feel supported
  • Receive technical support.

So many skills and supports that candidates for experimentation have defined essential at the end of their course.

This summary will be made available to all actors specialized in entrepreneurship support (associations, institutions – ICC, etc.) so that this experiment can serve as many people as possible.

Find out by clicking on the following link all the lessons of the “Les Entrépides” experiment.

“This summary is an accessible tool for all support networks to better understand the challenges of supporting people over the age of 45 in the transition to entrepreneurship. The intention is not to provide a standardized course for support networks, but to raise awareness of these issues and offer recommendations to support this specific audience for which time is limited. By addressing this issue, we continue to work for an inclusive and sustainable society through entrepreneurship. ”

Benoît Mounier, program director of the Fondation Entreprendre.

Key figures at the end of the experiment:

– 96% of entrepreneurs say they are on the right path to realize their entrepreneurial project, 59% of whom are confident in their entrepreneurial skills and have been able to identify points of study.

– 33% are completely sure they will complete their project

They were able to develop new skills:

– 90% on the development of a network and partnership,

– 85% in marketing and sales,

– 77% in economic and financial management.

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