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Success story – Goye: gold, earth and know-how


An artist at heart, Stéphanie Goyer-Morin never thought that one day she would become a potter … let alone an entrepreneur. But during her diploma in visual arts she discovers sculpture, then ceramics and it is love at first sight. Since then, under her designer name, Goye, she has delighted our eyes with exquisite pieces, all decorated with flowers and gold. Maintenance.

Goye Pottery Artist

Foundation: 2014
Number of employees: 1 + a young independent collaborator
14 points of sale in Quebec and Ontario

How did you get to ceramics?

“I would say it’s partly due to my background in the visual arts and partly by chance. Basically, I was mostly doing 2D art, but during my first sculpture class I had a real revelation. My teacher, Yves Louis-Seize, saw that I was really passionate and it was he who told me about the program at the Bonsecours Ceramic Center. Not really knowing what to do with my baccalaureate, I went there.

At first, I really thought I would stay longer in sculpture, I didn’t think I would like mass production that much, and I didn’t think I had an entrepreneurial streak. But it has really developed over time “.

With their clean shapes and gold border, your pieces are easily recognizable. How would you define your style? What were you inspired by?

“I can’t say where exactly my style comes from. It’s very instinctive, but it certainly started with school projects to which influences from all over were added. In any case there is a great nostalgic side, Vintage ▾, which refers to childhood memories. We can think of floral, lace dresses. I’m not much Female in life, but my production brings out more in me. To create, I also start from the gestures I like to do, from the techniques I like to repeat.

Do you consider yourself more an artist, an artisan or an entrepreneur?

“Even though I make utilitarian pieces, I think I see myself more as an artist. I am looking for more to satisfy a need for beauty than to satisfy a functional need. His’fun to create pieces that are also small works of art that can be used daily. But, of course, I am also an entrepreneur. There is a side of me that loves to plan, organize and manage customers with shops, markets, etc.

Living from one’s art is the dream of many artists. What does your business model look like, what’s the secret?

“I must say that I am really one of the lucky ones; with the pandemic, online sales have exploded. So I spend three days a week in the workshop producing to fulfill orders and another day dealing with paperwork. This leaves me at least one day a week to give lessons at home or at Les Faiseurs. I love to pass on my know-how, it makes me grow as a ceramist and also gives me financial stability “.

You regularly collaborate with other artists, in particular the stylist Noémiah, with whom you won the Bourse Fabrique 1840. What brings you?

“What I do is very personal, but I love collaborating. I think it’s super enriching to discover another job, to share our creativity. It forces us to work with other constraints that push us further in our creativity. I actually work a lot with Noémiah, but also with a talented leather goods designer called Flechr ”.

Ceramics and handicrafts seem to be on the rise, does this seem like a passing trend?

“For ceramics, perhaps there is a passing trend at the moment, but for crafts in general I think it goes deeper. I believe that people are increasingly questioning their consumption habits and craftsmanship responds to the need to consume in a different way. In my opinion, this is a trend that will last a long time.

How do you see the future? New projects on the way?

“This summer I have a big challenge ahead of me as I am currently pregnant with twins. I already have a three year old, so this year we will take it slow. But, even if I intend to take a break, I would like to take advantage of my maternity leave to think about doing new things, maybe see if I let go of the porcelain … Anyway, getting out of the spiral of production, will be an opportunity to dedicate more time for reflection and creation “.

Your best advice for starting a business:

“To surround yourself well! It’s a cliché, but I really have a lot of help around me and I have access to good resources, especially thanks to organizations like Quartier Artisan. Otherwise I would say that the most important quality is perseverance. It is not true that things always go well, but by persevering, solutions can be found.

An entrepreneur who inspires you:

“It’s hard to name just one person, there’s such a large pool of entrepreneurs in Montreal… But, of course, there’s Sarah [Saint-Arnaud] of the Creators. She was able to create and develop a magnificent coffee-pottery workshop, where I also teach lessons. I also admire, among other things, the work of the ceramist Pascale Girardin, her art installations are super stimulating! ”

Your favorite app:

“I’m not like that strange type than that, but I often use Photoshop Express and Instagram to edit and share photos of my work. ”

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