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Start entrepreneurship with Espace Auto-Entrepreneur


The Espace Auto-Entrepreneur platform appears as the partner of micro-entrepreneurs and offers them support specially designed for them. At each stage of the creation process, it is possible to ask the platform professionals for advice. Espace Auto-Entrepreneur’s main goal remains to facilitate and enable people to start their business quickly. With this in mind, the tools are made available directly on the personal space:

• A pre-filled declaration of activity form
• A module for editing and managing quotes and invoices
• A dashboard that allows you to follow your business
• Support and a personalized assistant every day of the week

A designated contact person

Becoming a self-employed person rhymes with administrative procedures. However, they are not always simple and it is possible to quickly tangle the brushes. To avoid this, Espace Auto-Entrepreneur offers you the possibility to be accompanied by a partner. In this way exchanges with the public administration will be simplified. You can then contact your advisor directly by phone or email, in order to solve your problems faster.

Create your company with Espace Auto-Entrepreneur

Before starting a new freelance business, you need to create an online self-business. The process can then be done quickly via Espace Auto-Entrepreneur. This portal offers the ability to create a custom list of documents to provide as well as advice on the nature of the business and tax options. Once the file is completed, it is verified by an expert before being sent to the Center for Business Formalities. It is also possible that further formalities need to be completed to create the micro enterprise. They can concern:

• Registration in the Register of Commerce and Companies
• The Acre application, in the event that an autonomous enterprise may be eligible
• Maintenance of social benefits
• The obligation to take out professional insurance

The obligations of the self-entrepreneur

Once the creation of a micro enterprise has been validated, its manager must comply with certain obligations. Espace Auto-Entrepreneur also accompanies you on this point and supports you during your turnover declarations, the calculation of your contributions, the follow-up of your accounts or the monthly VAT invoicing. Thanks to the platform it is possible to manage your company from A to Z and therefore manage the obligations related to the status of micro-entrepreneur.

But then, why become autonomous?

Becoming a micro-entrepreneur has many advantages. As explained on the website, this scheme is open to everyone and therefore also to students and employees. It is therefore possible to combine several activities, especially when an entrepreneur has different skills. Finally, you should know that taxation is reduced. Under certain conditions, VAT does not apply and social security contributions remain quite low. They are around 12.8 or 22% of turnover, depending on the activity carried out.


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